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Ivan LeRoy


11/01/2014 - 11/29/2016







Created by Ivan LeRoy, Hajime No Ippo: the Abridging! is a parody of the anime series Hajime No Ippo: the Fighting adapted from the manga by George Morikawa. With the exception of a few minor changes and added subplot, the overall plot follows closely to the original series. The characters, however, differ greatly, with the main focus of the series being their pathos.


The series' creator Ivan LeRoy, alone wrote and edited each episode for the first two seasons. He originally performed all the voices in the first three episodes (dubbed "Season Zero") before casting them in Episode 4, citing the rationale for doing this as a "proof of concept" for prospective voice actors. He only retained the roles of Takamura and Aoki.

According to LeRoy, the series has already been written in it's entirety, explaining why he was able to release each episode in a quick and concise schedule during it's original 2 year run. He projected that the series would cover the original anime in 30 episodes, followed by a movie and sequel mini-series. The source material of the latter was never specified, but is assumed to consist of the original series' follow-ups New Challenger and Rising.

The series employed a unique production style in which scripts were sent to voice actors months ahead of projected release dates to be self-directed and recorded. Lines would be sent to LeRoy for editing so completed episodes could be held onto and released monthly (at minimum). This made for an incredibly fast production pace, but as LeRoy remarked, "this style gave no room for actual directing and the show's overall quality ultimately suffered".

Hiatus and Cancellation[]

After the founding of his new channel JoyRide Entertainment, LeRoy announced that following the release of Episode 22 (just 2 episodes short of completing the second season) he would put the series on an indefinite hiatus so he could focus on shorts and series his new creative team deemed to have more potential. When questioned during the Abridgedsgiving 2016 stream, LeRoy stated he had stopped production completely and further elaborated that it lacked both an audience and the discipline on his part to further warrant production; also noting that it was a learning experience and he had learned plenty from it. When asked in an impromptu live stream if he'd ever return to the project, LeRoy said, "it's up to the audience to earn back that privilege. Demand my attention back to it, because right now, it's demanded elsewhere."

In the Spring of 2017, LeRoy cryptically tweeted about the potential return of the series. Shortly after, it was announced that production had been picked up by another channel for editing and would then be produced by JoyRide Entertainment as a completely revamped show taking place after the events of Season 2. The majority of the original voice cast would be replaced by JoyRide's cast, with LeRoy returning as writer and now director. Months later, however, LeRoy formally announced that the channel tasked with editing the revamped series could come to an agreement in production pace and quality that satisfied JoyRide Entertainment, and the series was dropped.


Main Cast:

  • Earl of Bassington as Ippo, Mashiba
  • CoopTroop as Coach Kamogawa, Kimura
  • Ivan LeRoy as Takamura, Aoki
  • Roksys as Miyata
  • Ontarioku as Yagi, Umezawa
  • Aquaerano as Mr. Punchy, Fuji
  • Patrick Delva - Eiji Date

Cameos / Guest Stars:

Episode List[]

Episode Air Date Season
Pilot November 1, 2014 0
Round 2: The Fault in Our Spars November 15, 2014 0
Round 3: Getting Hard April 19, 2015 0
Round 4: Reboot June 27, 2015 1
Round 5: Pillow Talk July 19, 2015 1
Round 6: License to Kill September 11, 2015 1
Round 7: Never Change October 26, 2015 1
Round 8: Black Eyed Peas November 24, 2015 1
Round 9: The Beach Episode December 15, 2015 1
Round 10: Caterpillar January 13, 2016 1
Round 11: No Doubt January 20, 2016 1
Final Round: Liver and Onions February 10, 2016 1
Round 13: Rocky Road March 31, 2016 2
Round 14: King of Swing April 16, 2016 2
Round 15: Mind the Gap May 26, 2016 2
Round 16: Guided Muscle June 29, 2016 2
Round 17: Hajime No Ichiro July 3, 2016 2
Round 18: Spotlight August 17, 2016 2
Round 19: The Beach Episode II August 23, 2016 2
Round 20: Wolf Among Us September 18, 2016 2
Round 21: From Russia, with Glove September 21, 2016 2
Round 22: Everybody Loves Ippo November 13, 2016 2
Round 23: Heavy Handed November 29, 2016 2
Final Round: The Heartbreak Kid Never Released 2