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Script Writing, & Voice Acting

HN5353, also known as Goku10114hj, as well as GotenGT1212 was a former abridger & parody artist who is also the founder of the parody term "Sagas". He is real life friends with fellow parody artist VegetaSasuke0. He is also known as being a member of The Sagas Council, and is considered by man to be the Scott Steiner of abridging due to his lack of thinking when he speaks.

History Edit

HN5353 has known his parody partner VegetaSasuke0 since they were both the age of 5. HN5353 started making parodies in 2007 under the alias "Goku10114hj", when abridging had started to take off, simply by assisting VegetaSasuke0 in making parodies of his own. He started a parody known as Naruto AF, which spawned 10 episodes, but he didn't find it to fit his channel. He co-founded the group known as DBZAR, which spawned two episodes, as well as a special. Due to the backlash of the abridged community, HN5353 took a long hiatus.

HN5353 came back after under the alias "Gotengt1212" in which he decided to start a new parody series under the term "Sagas", thus Dragon Ball GT Sagas was born, though it never released a single episode. He then decided with VegetaSasuke0 to start something different, which later turned out to be Rurouni Kenshin Sagas, or simply "Kenshin Sagas", which released one episode & was received very well, though due to pressure, as well as real life problems, took hiatus once again. Shortly after he closed his gotengt1212 account, disappearing from the internet once more, only to return later on as HN5353, a name that sticks with him to this day, despite that account also being closed years later. One of the "Sagas" series he is most proud of is Gantz Sagas, as it has released a total of 5 episodes, as well as a redux episode. HN5353 has also appeared in various Dragon Ball Z parodies for AnimeParodiesInc.

HN5353 was also given the nickname of "HIV5353" along with another being "H1N1".

Projects & Appearances Edit

Main Projects Edit

  • Naruto AF - All Characters.

Projects By The Sagas Council Edit

  • DBZAR (Early Dragon Ball Z Parody By The Sagas Council) - Farmer, Son Goku, Bulma Briefs, Raditz, Krillin, Nappa, & Editor (Episode 02).
  • Rurouni Kenshin Sagas - Kenshin Himura, Dr.Gensai, Gohei,Katsuhiro, Kanryuu, Editor (Episode 01), & Script Writer.
  • Samurai Deeper Kyo Sagas - Script Supervisor.
  • Gantz Sagas - Kurono, Kishimoto (episodes 2 - 4), James Brown, Hobo, Old Man, The Old
  • Lady (Nishi's Grandmother), News Reporter (episode 2), Gay Guys (episode

3, episode 4), Italian Guy, Black Guy (episode 4), & Narrator.

Projects By AnimeParodiesInc Edit

  • Dragon Ball Z Parody: Vegeta Hates The State Of The Abridged Community - Vegeta, Nappa, & Son Goku.
  • Dragon Ball Z Parody: Nappa Spanks - Nappa, Script Writer, & Editor.
  • Dragon Ball Z Parody: Pimp Vegeta, Pimp Of All Saiyans - Script Writer, & Vegeta.
  • Dragon Ball Z Parody: Vegeta & Nappa Discuss Dragon Ball Super - Script Writer, Nappa, Son Goku, & Son Gohan.
  • Dragon Ball Z Parody: Happy Birthday Vegeta - Script Writer, King Kai, Vegeta, & Nappa.

Editing Edit

HN5353 edits his parodies & AMV's with Sony Vegas, originally had used Windows Movie Maker like most abridgers & Parody Artists when starting out. He records audio with Audacity.

Trivia Edit

  • Is a musician when not making parodies.
  • Has expressed a lot of hate for Canada.
  • Has anger issues.
  • His abridging influences include Borinyukami, Chromegloss55, EdricODoom, Gozar, Hbi2k, & WeeklyTubeShow.
  • His non abridging influences include Chris Rock, Katt Williams, Cheech & Chong, & Kevin Smith.
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