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Guyver the BioBoosted Abridged

GtBBA title card

Created by Acelister
Run 12/31/11-Current
Episodes 5
Link http://www.youtube.com/user/Acesomesauce

Guyver the BioBoosted Abridged came into being after Acelister had taken stock of the various anime around and decided that his fond childhood memory of some guy leaping off of a cliff and shouting "GUYVER!" in the Hollywood adaptation of the same name, was a good basis for choosing the source anime.


The project began in mid-October 2011 and the first episode was released on the 31st of December the same year. It was chosen for the lack of female characters and Acesomesauce Productions' desire to put out a one-person abridged series, after the amount of time and work that had to be put into Transformers The Movie Abridged.

The script for episode one took a week to write and re-write, during which time OnYerSix expressed a desire to play a part. This led Director Acelister to the decision that the Zoanoids would be better if not voiced by himself, so the newcomer was given the part of Gregor.

Lines were recorded and the project was quickly put together over the next several weeks with parts of the script re-written or removed as needed. It was then released minutes before midnight (GMT) on the 1st of January 2012, although subscribers to the Guyver the BioBoosted Abridged Google+ Pagegot to view it two hours earlier. Episode Two was released 4 months later after various minor setbacks caused production delays.

Ten months after the first episode came out - episode three was released, and by December 2018 five episodes had come out.


GtBBA follows Sho and his friends as he is engulfed in a global conspiracy thanks to a suit of BioBoosting armour grafting itself to him.

Also boob lasers.



  • Sho - Acelister
  • Tetsuro - Acelister
  • Mizuki - Acelister
  • Makishima/Guyver 3 - Acelister
  • Natsumi - Acelister
  • The Batman - Acelister

1 - Attack Of Unicorn:

  • Gregor - Onyersixforlife
  • Troop1 - Acelister
  • Troop2 - Acelister
  • Troop3 - Onyersixforlife

2 - Never Trust A Scotsman Who Speaks Japanese:

  • Genzo - Acelister
  • Guard1 - Cardboardwalk
  • Lisker - Acelister
  • Kimura - Onyersixforlife
  • Mr Tanaka - Cardboardwalk
  • Ramotith - Onyersixforlife
  • Troop1 - Acelister
  • Troop2 - Acelister
  • Vamore - Acelister

3 - Aim For The Moon:

  • Genzo - Acelister
  • Lisker - Acelister
  • Kimura/Synevite - Onyersixforlife
  • Mr Tanaka - Cardboardwalk
  • Troop One - Onyersixforlife
  • Zoanoid1 - Acelister
  • Zoanoid2 - Acelister

4 - Day Of Retirement:

  • Christopher Walken - Cardboardwalk
  • Co Worker - Onyersixforlife
  • Genzo - Acelister
  • Gyot - Cardboardwalk
  • Lisker - Acelister
  • Mr Tanaka - Cardboardwalk
  • Snapper/Grabber - Onyersixforlife

5 - The Sound of Silence

  • Boy - Acelister
  • Employee - Acelister
  • Girl - Acelister
  • Noskov - Acelister
  • Myumelzee - Acelister


Thumbnail Episode

GtBBA Episode One - Attack Of Unicorn

Attack Of Unicorn

Never Trust A Scotsman Who Speaks Japanese

Never Trust A Scotsman Who Speaks Japanese

GtBBA Episode Three - Aim For The Moon

Aim For The Moon

GtBBA Episode Four - Day Of Retirement

Day Of Retirement

GtBBA Episode 5 - The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence

Recurring Jokes[]

  • Sho keeps using the phrase "Fo' Sho!'
  • The vericity of Sho's voice when he becomes The Batman.
  • Genzo must be accompanied by Kimura in the elevator.
  • Mr Tanaka worships Cthulu.
  • Gyot forgets he should be speaking Japanese.

Differences From Original Anime[]

  • Sho doesn't wait to hear the name of the Guyver unit, instead calling himself 'The Batman'.
  • Tetsuro is bisexual.
  • Mr Tanaka survives the attack which kills his coworker and retires to a cruise.