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Guyver Dark Hero: Bio-Boosted For Viewing Pleasure



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Creation Date

June 13, 2010 (Original April 28, 2009)

A remake of ChadVision's Guyver Dark Hero Abridged submission to Hbi2k's Pass GAS Contest. The original was the last submission to the contest and one that the creator wasn't fond of. He redid the series for a one year anniversary video. The series currently has one episode and will contain 4 episodes in all, covering the entire movie it is a parody of. Every voice is done by ChadVision as is all the editing and writing.


  • Unlike the original, the remake doesn't acknowledge the fact that Sean Barker is played by David Hayter, the voice actor for Solid Snake.
  • Footage and sound from the original OVA of Guyver can be seen and heard.
  • Jokes from the scrapped second episode of the original series are remastered and used in this series.
  • ChadVision didn't watch the movie before abridging the remake. He did when doing the original.
  • The continuity of the abridged series takes place after everything that previously happened in the animated series and the live action movie.