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20 Aug 2013 - Ongoing



Guyver Abridged is a parody of the anime Guyver, created by Billytheafroman as his first solo abridged project.


The series first began in the summer of 2013, as an intended side-project for Deadman Wonderland Abridged co-creator Billytheafroman to focus on during the latter series' impending hiatus.

Auditions were held for the female lead role Mizuki after the majority of the first episode had been completed, once Billy decided that a more serious portrayal of the female lead would require a female voice actor. Shortly after this MissXXSora was cast.

Episode 1 was released in late August 2013, with episodes 2 & 3 following shortly after. Episode 4 was subsequently released in December of 2013. Episode 5 was released February 26th 2014 and episode 6 on the 9th of April. Episodes 7 and 8 were released over the course of two days at the end of May 2014, following the recasting of the role of Mizuki.

Episodes 9 and 10 of the series were released during late May and early June of 2014, with episodes 11 and 12 being released at the beginning and end of July.

The series went on hiatus after Episode 18 was released in September 2016 and did not return until February 2021, whereby the series came back with some cast members being replaced.


Guyver: Abridged details the life of the so-called "average" high school student Sho Fukamachi. A boy with a short attention span and an even shorter temper, he becomes the target of a global conspiracy when he unwittingly becomes the controller of a Guyver Unit; a seemingly unstoppable biological weapon. Joining our dimwitted protagonist is his best "friend" Tetsuro, a sexually frustrated social outcast, and the love interest of our story Mizuki, a straight-talking no-nonsense girl who is (understandably) less than enamoured with the spiteful and stupid Sho.

Nothing could possibly go wrong...right?


Episode Number Episode Title Release Date
Episode 1 "Sho Has Anger Issues" 25 Aug 2013
Episode 2 "The Stupid Society of Chronos" 10 Sept 2013
Episode 3 "Inspector Risker... Lisker... Oswald!" 21 Oct 2013
Episode 4 "Mind Control? Seriously?" 19 Dec 2013
Episode 5 "Hyper Zo-Annoying"

26 Feb 2014

Episode 6 "Drug Trip"

9 Apr 2014

Episode 7 "HACKS!" 23 May 2014
Episode 8 "Guyot's Bad Day"

24 May 2014

Episode 9 "Disco Inferno" 27 May 2014
Episode 10 "Here Comes Dirty Harry" 9 June 2014
Episode 11 "Enter Dr Ugly" 5 July 2014
Episode 12 "What a Prick" 30 July 2014
Episode 13 "Well That Escalated Quickly" 21 Sept 2014
Episode 14 "Beat-Master" 21 Sept 2014
Episode 15 "Guyot Joins The Fray" 23 Oct 2014
Episode 16 "Dick Jokes" 5 Mar 2015
Episode 17 "Poor Judgement" 5 June 2015
Episode 18 "Plot Armour" 3 Sept 2016
Episode 19 "Best Laid Plans" 15 Feb 2021
Title Card

The second Title Card of the Series


Sho Fukamachi[]

The *cough*... hero of our story. A boy that, in all respects, should never be trusted with any semblance of power or responsibility. Childish, slow-witted and prone to bouts of violent rage, Sho cares very little for anything bar his own selfish means. In spite of this, he seems to at least tolerate Tetsuro's presence, however this may be due to either Tetsuro's persistence or Sho's lack of a better offer.

Hopelessly obsessed with Mizuki, Sho is oblivious to her many attempts to spurn his advances. In spite of the obsession, he admittedly knows very little about her, to the point that he had no idea that she was Tetsuro's younger sister.

Understandably arrogant since his discovery to the Guyver, Sho never hesitates to run his mouth and belittle and berate opponents, despite being hopelessly outmatched. It has been stated by Tetsuro, and supported by Sho's actions, however that he is in actuality "a completely pussy".

Tetsuro Segawa[]

Sho's best (only) friend. Indisputably intelligent, he is often reluctant to formulate plans that could potentially save lives solely due to Sho not asking him for help. In spite of this, however, he is not above utilizing Sho's abilities for his own survival.

Sexually frustrated to the nth degree, Tetsuro is not above watching Hentai on the school computers and even bribing his sister's friends to have sex with him.

Mizuki Segawa[]

A straight-talking and competent girl, our female lead is more often than not the voice of reason, pointing out the should-be obvious. Never hesitant to call Sho out on his nonsensical and violent ways, she is a strong and independent girl.

However, Mizuki has been shown to have a girlish side; particularly in the presence of Agito. The subject of a classic schoolgirl crush, Agito's dismissive attitude towards her only serves to enhance her infatuation with him.

Agito Makishima[]

Put simply, a prick. He appears to serve no purpose other than to antagonize Sho and the operatives of Chronos, seemingly for his own amusement.

Richard Guyot[]

One of the Twelve Commanders of Chronos. A man with an overwhelming authority and presence, yet ultimately doomed by the incompetence of those working under him. An avid fan of long term planning, Guyot is noticeably distressed by unforeseen circumstances working outside of his control and will "lose his shit" should even the slightest thing go wrong.

His love of forward planning and disdain for his underlings has led to a particular like of Agito Makishima, in spite of the youth's arrogant persona, due to his disrespect towards aforementioned underling's stupidity.

Masaki Murakami[]

A freelance reporter, professional kickass and badass MC (at least according to his business card), Masaki is a man shrouded in mystery. Infuriatingly vague, he purposely reveals nothing about his backstory or motivations for the simple purpose of setting himself up as a "mysterious and awesome" stereotype.

Murakami has often shown the ability to "break the fourth wall", referring to himself as a character at several points, and even attributing the ability to weild his trademark Zoanoid Buster on "plot armour".

Shizu Onuma[]

A girl who can be considered, in more ways than one, to be Agito's "other half". Brash, rude, sarcastic, and highly aggressive (even more so than Agito himself), Shizu's main role is the antagonisation of our main characters.

The Hyper Zoanoid 5[]

An elite strike team operating under Chronos. Indisputably formidably, the group's only real downfall is in their lack of coordinated teamwork. Members of the group do not hesitate to belittle and berate their comrades (most notably Thancrus); even putting such actions as a priority over actually engaging the enemy.

The group consists of Zx-Tole, a no-nonsense and straightforward leader; Derzerb, a stereotypical black man of hulking proportions; Gaster, the "King of Hindsight"; Elegen, an unintentionally insulting individual; and Thancrus, the main punching bag for the group.

Dr Hamilcar Barcus[]

A brilliant scientist and the ugliest man under Chronos' employment. Taking over from Guyot in the mission of acquiring the Guyver Units, his plans would be successful, if it were not for the intervention of Murakami.


A failed experiment and former leader of the Lost Number Commandos. After suffering the tragic loss of his comrades at the hands of Sho, and his penis at the hands of Dr Barcus, he dedicated his life to revenge.


The Supreme Leader of Chronos. Bearing boundless power he often accidentally kills soldiers without meaning to, much to his chagrin.

Dr. Odagiri[]

A scientist kidnapped to work for Chronos against his will. Perhaps a bit too overzealous in his crusade against them he doesn't care about collateral damage. Fond of word play and turns of phrase.



  • Billytheafroman
    • Sho Fukamachi
    • Tetsuro Segawa
    • Agito Makishima
    • Commander Guyot
    • Masaki Murakami
    • Aptom
    • Dr Hamilcar Barcus
    • Archanfel
    • Zx-Tole (2/2)
    • Various Extras
  • Julmors:
    • Mizuki Segawa (Episode 19 - Onwards)
  • SpiritKitten:
    • Natuski Taga
    • Shizu Onuma
    • Minnie Mouse
  • CTAkutabi:
    • Derzerb
    • Mumelze
    • Kibara (2/2)
    • Dyme
    • Dr. Shirai
    • Kabraal Khan
    • Various Extras
  • CDWaver:
    • Thancrus
    • Sin Rubero Amniculus
    • Stephen

Guest Stars:[]

  • YukikazeRailgun:
    • Kibara (1/2)
    • Sebastian
    • Pumpkin Escobar
    • Elegen
  • Draginite:
    • Noskov
    • ZX-Tole (1/2)
  • HenryMason
    • Scott
    • Gaster
  • 92FlorenceLee
    • Toshiyaki Hayami (2/2)
    • Dave
  • iisanulquiorrahara
    • Chronos Soldier #1
  • Sankayy
    • Steve

Former Cast:

  • MissXXSora
    • Mizuki (Episodes 1-6)
  • Alexandria J.
    • Mizuki (Episodes 7-17)

Recurring Jokes[]

  • Sho's violent rage-prone nature
  • Sho and Tetsuro constantly questioning their "friendship"
  • Agito Makishima being a "prick" (He even refers to himself as such at several points)
  • Various characters who encounter Tetsuro and Guyot always have strange accents (e.g. British, Scottish, Irish and Russian)
  • Every time Sho encounters trouble he always shouts "Fuck you Tetsuro", regardless of if it was his fault or not
  • Chronos Soldiers questioning the stupidity of the orders given to them with 20/20 hindsight
  • Fumio's odd take on parenting
  • Kibara being a "squid"
  • Sho forgetting that Mizuki is Tetsuro's sister
  • Sho being repeatedly struck and various onlooking characters admitting to "enjoying [it] far more than [they] should"
    • Episode 3 - Kibrara uses his tentacles to repeatedly slam Sho into a cliff. Tetsuro comments on how he enjoys watching it
    • Episode 8 - Lisker repeatedly punches Sho, while Guyver 3 watches
    • Episode 10 - Murakami asks Aptom to kick Sho for him, to which Aptom complies, repeatedly
  • Natsuki having slept with Tetsuro for money (and her anger at not yet being paid)
  • Sho mispronouncing "Guyver" as "Giver"
  • Sho questioning why the Guyver Units are different colours, and expressing disdain at the fact that he is the blue one (which, in his opinion, is not a badass colour)
  • The other members of the Hyper Zoanoid Team 5 mocking Thancrus
  • Rap beats playing whenever Murakami transforms
  • Murakami saying something disgusting/awkward, and other characters remarking on how they "dont know how to talk to [him]"
    • Episode 12 - Murakami offers Agito a list of his "poon-tang", and explains that it means "pussy"
    • Episode 13 - Murakami reveals that he has named his hand "Betsy"
    • Episode 13 - Murakami equates watching Sho massacre his father to a "monkey swallowing a hand-grenade"
  • Shizu acting aggressive while maintaining a calm face
  • Thancrus' over-the-top battle cries
  • Agito asking enemies when they are going to transform
  • Guyot's repeated failures
  • Aptom (and lost numbers in general) not having genitals
  • Various Chronos grunt soldiers and scientists being known as Steve and Dave
  • Sho's repeated failed attempts to "woo" Mizuki
  • Minnie Mouse's voice coming over the intercom in Relic's Point
  • Murakami putting on a voice to sound cooler.


  • Dialogue for the first episode was completely unscripted and ad-libbed by Billytheafroman in a 3-hour long recording session, his own dialogue being substituted in editing for the characters Cop #1 and Mizuki Segawa
  • Series creator Billytheafroman and regular guest stars CTAkutabi and YukikazeRailgun all previously worked together on Deadman Wonderland Abridged. It has been stated by Billy that he hopes to get more of the DMWL cast involved as guest stars
  • Natsuki Taga was originally intended to appear in episode one, however was cut from the script due to a suitable actress having not been found. Natsuki's appearance in episode 2 was also cut, however this was due to timing reasons. It has been stated, however, that she will be appearing in episodes 6, 7 and 8, voiced by SpiritKitten
  • Before his inital appearance Guyot was scripted to have a cockney accent, however at the last minute this was changed so that he had a voice closer to that of his english dub. The intention, however, is paid tribute in the post-credits scene of episode 4
  • The music used for the first opening sequence is intentionally not that of Guyver or any other related media, instead being the opening theme of the anime Higurashi. It is said that this was done in order to give it a "disjointed" feeling
  • YukukazeRailgun was intended to play Kibara in both of his appearances, however due to health issues he was substituted by CTAkutabi. Episode 3 is dedicated to his recovery in the description
  • A preview scene for the series was released five days before episode 1, depicting the meeting of Sho and Lisker that would later occur in episode 3. This scene, considered cannon, is referenced by Lisker when he interrupts Sho and states that "We've done this already [...] In the promo video"
  • The "master-sleeping" gag included in episode 1 is intended a tribute to CMJSamurai's Guyver Abridged that was discontinued and removed from Youtube
  • Episode 3 contains an easter egg at the beginning as a reference to Deadman Wonderland Abridged, where Sho and his Dad are watching the Carnival Corpse on TV
  • Episode 6 of the series utilises footage of the 1990's version of the show during Sho's fight with Enzyme to depict the action of the toxins in Sho's system
  • The second opening song of the series is the Banana Splits theme song
  • As of episode 9, Guyver Abridged is the longest parody of Guyver to date
  • The character of The Announcer from Deadman Wonderland Abridged returns to voice the opening of Episode 12
  • Three commentary episodes have been made of the series, the first covering episodes 7 & 8, while the second covers episodes 10 through 12. The second commentary also features Henry Mason, the voice of Gaster, as a guest commentator. The third commentary is of episodes 13 through to 15 and features Spirit Kitten and CDWaver giving commentary.
  • It has been stated by Billytheafroman that he plans out episodes weeks in advance
  • The title of Episode 14 ("Beat-Master") is a play on words derived from an episode title from the Guyver OVAs ("Beast Master") that references Murakami
  • The eyecatch at the end of episode 15 is missing