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It is another parody that is under the name "Sagas".VegetaSasuke0 created it.VegetaSasuke0 has recruited Midnight Devont (A.K.A Midnight Soma, A.K.A theredrubydragon), who has worked with Semisoma1,Canadian Jutsu, & Zeromaster, he has also recruited TwilightWolf183 of NC Productions & AlchemicReactionTeam, as well as HokageTitan who is also from AlchemicReactionTeam (he is the voice for their Roy Mustang). Some others rumored to have asked to join are MegaLagann & JFOtaku7810 (both are known for doing each of their different Gurren Lagann Abridged Series').


Gurren Lagann is an anime VegetaSasuke0 enjoyed, so he said "Why not make a parody of it". Some tend to believe that this series was started in order to rival Semisoma1 (now going by TheAzureCrow)'s Gurren Lagann: The Satire. This series is said to contain an entirely new cast, hand picked by VegetaSasuke0, said to be an "all star" abridged cast. None of the original Sagas council would appear in this series. After the failure to catch on as a fan favorite (some disliked it, not understanding it was a parody), it was put on an indefinite hiatus, later having the channel suspended due to copyright claims, as well as all members abandoning the project, another channel was opened to home the 2 episodes that were released.

Future Plans[]

The series is currently in limbo, most consider it to be a dead project.

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Episode List[]

Thumbnail Episode Release Date
Episode 01 Thumbnail
Episode 01 Sep 5, 2009
Episode 02 Thumbnail
Episode 02 Dec 7, 2009

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  • People have a habit of mistaking this series as the original English Dub.

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