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Gurren Lackin' is an abridged series created by PoptimusPrime, and CubicalWings, and is the very first abridged series the two have ever made. The show is an abridgment of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (2007)


Gurren Lackin' was first visualized in October of 2016, when PoptimusPrime asked a close friend of his, CubicalWings, to help him make an abridged series. The two had never created anything of the sorts, so this was a brand new experience for both of them. Originally the voice of Kamina was to be done by PoptimusPrime himself, however they soon realized that the two of them wouldn't be enough to portray all the characters within the show. So they ended up recruiting an aspiring voice actor, and close friend, Jay Way, who would end up becoming the voice for Kamina.

The first episode was primarily voiced by PoptimusPrime, and Jay Way, with CubicalWings voicing all of the extras. Poptimus would take the role of Simon, Yoko, The Chief, and The Gunman, while Jay Way just Voiced Kamina. At first the Group of three considered giving the role of Yoko to someone else, but ended up agreeing that the gag of having a male voice actor would be a fun gag. There were two reason CubicalWings decided to just fill in for all the extras in the show. The first was that CubicalWings felt his voice wasn't fitting for the roles that were available in the first episode. The second reason was to reinforce a gag that was written into the script, where Kamina said to a Group for 3 (who were all voiced by CubicalWings) "You side Characters are all the same". During the Editing Process the Group didn't actually own any good footage of the first episode, so they ended up ordering a copy of the entire series in Blu-Ray in November. Unfortunately, it wouldn't arrive until February. So they decided to start making the episode with a low quality copy and replace the footage once they receive it. The episode was technically finished in January 2017, but wasn't able to release until they got the footage and was able to replace it.

Gurren Lackin' Episode 1 (Gurren Lagann Abridged) released on March 14, 2017. At first the three of them didn't expect it to go anywhere, they mainly made the episode to show to friends and have a laugh. A month after the release the group was surprised to see that episode 1 had surpassed 1K views, with a positive Like to dislike ratio. So they didn't waste anytime making the 2nd episode. Poptimus took a few weeks to write and nail out the script, it took a bit to write since they feared that the second episode would hold up to the first. Though they ran into a bump in the road once Jay Way informed them that he was moving out of town to take up voice acting. Although the group was happy for him, they knew that they would only have a few weeks to record his lines. Jay Way would also end up taking the role of Dayakka, (which was an impersonation of Patrick Warburton), and CubicalWings finally got a voice roll as Ron. They finished up the script, took a few hours to record and finished all of Kamina's required lines. After that Jay moved out of town and left the two to finish up the second episode.

After a couple months of work, on July 21 2017, they released a teaser letting everyone know that episode 2 was indeed on its way. The Episode went through a couple rewrites during its editing process, however they had to work around Kamina's lines since their voice actor was no longer there to record new lines. Everything eventually fell into place and on October 1, 2017, Gurren Lackin' Episode 2 (Gurren lagann Abridged) was released. 


  • Simon - PoptimusPrime
  • Kamina - Jay Way
  • Yoko - PoptimusPrime
  • Ron - CubicalWings
  • Dayakka - Jay Way
  • The Chief - PoptimusPrime
  • Gunmen - PoptimusPrime, CubicalWings 
  • Kami-Dad - Dad 
  • Extras/Side Characters - CubicalWings