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Collected Episodes


From the beginning of the series, episodes of Gundam Wing: TAS have been posted to Tyrest's Dailymotion account as well as being posted to Youtube. On July 15, 2008, Gundam Wing: The Abridged Website was made to compile all of the episodes in a list and post announcements. By May 3, 2010, both of Tyrest's Youtube accounts for Gundam Wing: TAS, TyrestGWA and GWingTAS, were taken down for copyright infringement. Tyrest then created a new account, Tyrest Abridged, where advertisements to new episodes are posted as well as episodes of other series and one-shots.


Aside from a few guest stars, all voice acting is done by Tyrest.

Guest Stars:

  • Ezekieru - Alex (ep. 13)
  • Taekmkm - Mueller (ep. 13)
  • ManaYugioGX4D's - Hilde (ep. 23)

Episode List[]

Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 - Gundam Pilot Mar 13, 2007
Episode 2 – Heh!, The Gundam Deathscythe Mar 16, 2007
Episode 3 – 5 Gundams, Holy S**t! Apr 3, 2007
Episode 4 – The Noin Ignoring Nightmare N/A
Episode 5 – The Dorlain Conspiracy N/A
Episode 6 – Worst Party Ever! Jul 7, 2007
Episode 7 – One Shot Noventa N/A
Episode 8 – Slowest Sword, Quickest Duel Nov 21, 2007
Episode 9 – Ninth Episode Zechstacular! Mar 20, 2008
Episode 10 – This Doesn’t Mean Blow up your Gundam Apr 21, 2008
Episode 11 – Gundam Filler?! N/A
Episode 12 – The Wufei Centric One Apr 21, 2008
Episode 13 – Alex and Mueller’s Okayish Adventure Aug 24, 2008
Episode 14 – God Would Understand Sep 29, 2008
Episode 15 – Tension Builder Nov 10, 2008
Episode 16 – Zechs Vs Heero II: UltiRematch Jan 1, 2009
Episode 17 – The Magic of Politics Feb 11, 2009
Episode 18 – Of Masks and Men Apr 6, 2009
Episode 19 – Business as usual Jun 15, 2009
Episode 20 – It’s All Downhill From Here Jan 15, 2010
Episode 21 – OMG, Drama! Apr 10, 2010
Episode 22 – Double Trouble Dec 29, 2010
Episode 23 – Can You Believe This? May 20, 2011
Episode 24 – In Space, No-one Can Hear Your Crazy Madness Feb 12, 2012
Episode 25 – Emo All Over Space Aug 31, 2012

Common Themes[]

Character Based Humour[]

The personalities of the main characters are more exaggerated for comic effect:

  • Heero has a British accent. He's convinced that he's awesome and can do no wrong ("Because I'm awesome", "If you're not sure of anything, destroy everything!")
  • Duo starts every sentence with "hyeh". He's also one of the most genre-savy characters, pointing out that every mission in the early series is a trap, joking about turning the series into a highschool slice-of-life show, and commenting on the cliches of the series.
  • Trowa is played as more emo than ever, and appreciates the "emo" actions of other characters.
  • Quatre commands the loyalty of his subordinates because he's so "cute", although the scientists responsible for training him are embarrassed that he's an effeminate pacifist. He's also a stalker obsessed with Trowa.
  • Wufei has an exaggerated obsession with weakness, especially when other characters compare him to women ("I have a female sparring partner who fights just like you", "stop blubbering on like a little girl!")
  • Relena is more determined than ever to force Heero to love her, and oblivious to the political situation around her.

  • Treize tends to ramble off-topic and his actions are based on whatever would be the most awesome outcome. He calls EVERYONE Zechs, causing confusion when he's talking to a group of subordinate.
  • Zechs is entirely oblivious to Noin and most of his subordinates making sexual advances towards him. He does have an appreciation for large cannons on Gundams and military bases. His eyes are covered by a black bar whenever his helmet is taken off (ending when he leaves Oz)
  • Lady Une is more obvious about giving away Oz's evil schemes, though the protagonists still don't pick up on it. In her "Good Lady Une" personality, she's orders brutal attacks on anyone who threatens peace...and believes that she has a psychic connection with Treize telling her what to do (it's actually just her insanity)
  • Noin is sexually obsessed with Zeches and tries to arrange situations so that they can be together.
  • Sally is more aware of her own uselessness.

Breaking the Fourth Wall[]

  • A majority of characters in the series are aware that the it is a show and of the Gundam franchise. They discuss whether saying "It's a Gundam!" is still funny.
  • Some of them seem to have a dislike for Tyrest, the series creator.