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Gozar is described best as a parody artist. Although his best known work, Alternate Reality Dragon Ball Z, does abridge the source material, it's done in such a way that episodes are placed out of order & character relationships are in some cases drastically different from the original anime.

He also made a One Piece abridged, but the series only lasted for only 2 episodes before being cancelled & the episodes are very hard or completely unable to come by.


Gozar is known as one of the pioneer anime parody artists, along with the likes of Little Kuriboh, MasakoX, & Lanipator. He has made 70 episodes of his series Alternate Reality Dragon Ball Z, plus some on-the-side sketches like his shortly lived One Piece Abridged, which lasted 2 episodes, and was highly enjoyed by fans of his Dragon Ball Series, as well as One Piece fans. His account was suspended multiple times, but luckily he had a backup account. Gozar decided to end his series because he didn't feel like competing with another series, as well as due to the fact that his series began to feel like a job (one example being the editing portion). He also wanted to focus more on his personal life, focusing on his then girlfriend (now ex-wife), MajinBulgeta. Gozar is mostly active now on Twitter.

ARDBZ Characters Not Voiced By Gozar[]

  • Present kid Trunks (voiced from episode 58 by majinbulgeta)
  • Chi-Chi (voiced by his sister)
  • Girl on the phone (voiced by Majinbulgeta)
  • Gotenks (voiced by Majinbulgeta a'la kid trunks but with echo)
  • Android 19 (voiced by Gozar's mother)
  • Videl (future character voiced by majinbulgeta)
  • Android 16 (future character who was planned to be voiced by Gozar's mother, but never made an appearance)
  • Beta Goten (planned to be voiced by MsDBZBabe, but they (Gozar & her) were no longer friends so Gozar voiced Goten backwards)
  • Dore (voiced by Takahata of TFS fame)
  • Lanipator (geust as himself)
  • Pan (???)
  • Uub (???)


Gozar is highly known for editing with windows movie maker.



  • His favorite Dragon Ball Z character is Future Trunks