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Girls und Panzer Abridged is an ongoing abridgement of the 2012 sleeper hit Girls und Panzer, a show so long (12 episodes), it was begging to be shortened. It was created by GunmetalSTuG and several of his friends (whom he affectionately refers to as his team).

Girls und Panzer Abridged completely eschews the original show's plot about a ragtag group of friends coming together in a heart-warming underdog story about friendship and finding your own way in the world. It is instead about a group of lazy, drug-addled, borderline sociopathic high school girls who are forced to compete in the Tankery Team by a bloodthirsty and psychotic Student Council President.

History and Production[]

Girls und Panzer Anglerfish

He is watching you. Always.

Girls und Panzer Abridged began as the aborted brain-child of GunmetalSTuG. He had followed several of the progenitor series since their start, and wished to create his own, further saturating the Abridged Series market.

On July 1st, 2013, the first episode was released and received a small but generally positive reception. It was shared on reddit by ApatheticCritic, where it garnered a modest following. It was also posted on several World of Tanks GuP forums, where the original show is amazingly popular. 

Episode 1 and 2 were released within a month of each other, but Episode 3 was delayed, with the creator citing severe illness and schoolwork as reasons for the wait. Despite the delay, production on Episode 3 never halted and it released in November of the same year. Just one month later, the team released a short Christmas Special, featuring the teams new microphones, to tide the wait for the next episode. Episode 4 was released on March 1st, 2014, followed by a Mother's Day special just two months later.

Finally, after numerous delays, Episode 5 was released on August 22, 2014.

Episode 6 was released on May 22, 2016 and after being taken down was re-uploaded to Facebook on September 12th, 2016.

Episode 7 was released on December 9th, 2020, after a five year hiatus (six if it were delayed a week and a half longer). It was originally going to release in early January of 2020, but due to Coronavirus Gunmetal was busy working overtime, unable to get the episode completed until he himself cought Coronavirus.

Episode 3 was taken down by Bandai Visual on copyright grounds. On March 14th, 2016 GunmetalSTuG made a post on the Girls und Panzer Abridged Facebook page saying that a counter claim has been made. At this time it is unknown when or if the episode will return to YouTube. It was later re-uploaded to YouTube on September 7th, 2016 by user RavenGaurd.

In June 2017, desierfire14, a previous member of the team and voice of Miho and the freshman, quit the team due to issues within the group. It appears that she has returned to the team prior to the release of episode 7, although this is not confirmed.

Team GunmetalSTuG[]


Obviously. Gunmetal is the series' creator, and has a heavy hand in writing and voice acting. He also does all of the editing. ALL OF IT. Voices: Anzu, Momo, Yuzu, Rommel, Volleyball team, Mr. Snugglekins misc.


Apathetic Critic is the other writer and unofficial series promoter. He finally made his vocal debut in Episode 5 as the waitress.


Benthao2 is a voice actor for the series. He also acts as the proofreader, often smothering GunmetalSTuG's shittier ideas in the cradle. He is also the online overlord. Voices: Saori, misc.


Bearunterground is a voice actor, regarded as the wild card by the rest of the team. Bear brings a unique insight to the characters he performs. Voices: Yukari, Hana, Ami, Darjeeling.


SeTiger12 is Gunmetal's childhood friend who got roped into doing the occasional voice. He still has yet to actually watch the show. Voices: Sodoko, misc.



The belligerent, incompetent and alcoholic new transfer student, Miho is the only member of Oorai Academy's team with any experience with tankery. Unfortunately, she is the worst possible choice for the job, leading her friends into battle with a minimal Blood Alcohol Content of at least .55 as well as a tendency to make horrific, nonsensical plans. It is hinted she has severe childhood issues. She lives with the eldritch horror Mr. Snugglekins on Oorai Academy.


High pitched and annoying, Saori is in charge of the team's communications on the Panzer IV. She seems to be one of the few characters not totally bereft of sanity. Her hobbies include cocaine and porn.


With a voice that is reminiscent of Mickey Mouse, Hana was mistakenly given charge of the Main Cannon for the Panzer IV. She is referred to as a lesbian by the other characters (which she hastily denies). She is aroused by firing the tank's cannon.


A forty-two year old black man stuck in the body of a Japanese high school girl, Yukari retains her love of tanks, although she is less than fond of her compatriots. She sells cocaine to fund her tankery addiction.


Mako is the sickly, unintelligible driver of the Panzer IV. Despite her high intelligence and her position as the valedictorian of Oorai Academy, Mako is considered retarded by the rest of the school. As the others are unable to understand her mumbled speech, Mako is often misunderstood and forced into terrible situations, such as being forced to learn how to drive a tank in the middle of their first scrimmage despite just trying to avoid Miho. Her incapability to produce any sound resembling human speech appears to run in the family, as her grandmother also suffers the issue.


Despite being under five feet tall and adorable, Anzu is utterly and completely possessed with bloodlust. All men fear to cross or question her. She is the student council president, running Oorai with an iron fist and her two lackeys Momo and Yuzu. She also sounds vaguely like Batman.


Momo is the only completely sane student on board Oorai. Hers is a lonely existence, performing thankless tasks and trying to keep Anzu from butchering people. The other students find her intimidating, especially her monocle.


Yuzu really has no character, just a bad falsetto and huge breasts.


A Promoted extra, Rommel has a much bigger role in the Abridged Series than in the actual one. She speaks in a thick German accent, and is... less than repentant about her love of the Nazis. 


Sodoko is the less than moralistic head of the Student Moral Committee. More than likely, she is one of Yukari's many customers.


The useless instructor of the Oorai Team, Ami can be easily summed up as Sterling Archer with tits.


Episodes Air Date
Girls und Panzer Abridged Ep 1 Screenshot

Episode 1

July 1, 2013

Girls und Panzer Abridged Ep 2 Screenshot
Episode 2 August 8, 2013
Girls und Panzer Abridged Ep 3 Screenshot
Episode 3 down on Youtube[New working video link] November 15, 2013
Girls und Panzer Abridged Ep 4 Screenshot
Episode 4 March 1, 2014
Girls und Panzer Abridged Ep 5 Screenshot
Episode 5 August 22, 2014
Episode 6 May 22, 2016
Episode 7 December 9, 2020
Girls und Panzer Abridged Xmas Screenshot
Christmas Special December 19, 2013
Girls und Panzer Abridged Mothers Day Screenshot
Mother's Day Special May 11, 2014


  • The people who make this are obsessed with Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop music.
  • Anzu is based partly on the psycho from 'Borderlands'.
  • Bearunterground is Jewish, hence the humour in him writing the Christmas Special.
  • The Christmas Special was the debut of both Gunmetal's and Benthao2's new mics: a Blue Snowball and Blue Yeti, respectively.
  • Just prior to the release of Episode 4, the team finally followed their own advice; they bought the series on Blu-Ray, allowing all future episodes to be in full 1080p. (Benthao2 also keeps it in his room, so no one will think it's porn)
  • In the YouTube comment section of episode 2, there is a comment thread that has been active for over 6 years.
  • Anzu is GunmetalStuG's favorite. There is rumour he has a body pillow of her.
  • Anzu's current kill count is believed to be between 4 and 7. It is also hinted that she ate a man.
  • When GunmetalStuG was asked why Rommel gets so many lines compared to the character's line count in the anime, he responded with "I just like doing her awful German accent, she's a lot of fun to play. I also adore their godawful fucking paint scheme."
  • GunmetalStuG regrets Yukari's usage of the n-word in the earlier episodes. "The fact that we dropped any n-bombs at all was a horrible miscalculation on my part"
  • History Youtuber and Armchair History TV member Potential History joined the cast as the Eye-Patch girl

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