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Girls Bravo Abridged
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Created By:

MrSkoringo & Dejay


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01/23/2011 - Present


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Girls Bravo Abridged (GBA for short) is an abridged series created by MrSkoringo and Dejay. It was originally started by WackedOutKids (now BlackWolfTheReaper) but after leaving after episode 4's scripting due to personal reasons, Dejay and MrSkoringo (who were also involved with the project at the time helping with scripting and editing) took over the project from episode 4 and onward where the series was posted on the backup account for GBA where new episodes can be seen now. It is written by MrSkoringo and Dejay and edited by Dejay (Episodes 1-4), and LoliwithanExcaliborg (for Episodes 5 onward). This was one of the first series Dejay and MrSkoringo abridged along with DBGT Abridged.

Cast (Episode 4 Onwards)[]

  • ninaluvzbilly279: Miharu Sena Kanada
  • cutelittlechibi1: Kirie Kojima
  • Dejay: Kazuharu Fukuyama, Extras
  • Sydsnap: Lisa Fukuyama, Kosame, Nanae Kuh Haruka
  • BassistGal: Koiyumi Hare Nanaka, Extras
  • swirlydragonfly: Tomoka Lana Jude, Extras
  • Trixen01: Ebi
  • RenkinjutsuNoMuchi (Whip0fAlchemy): Maharu Sena Kanada, Hijiri Katana
  • johhnnyhotsauce1: Hayate, Extras
  • ShadowClaw71: Mamoru Machida
  • StrawberrySana: Yukina, Hakana
  • ChimeraYuri: The Boss
  • OriemoAbridgedSeries: The Banana Guy


Episode Air Date
Episode 1: The Social Smartass Jan 23, 2011
Episode 2: Attack of the 6 Ft Pervert N/A
Episode 3: Black Magic Woman N/A
Episode 4: The Pretty Purple Petrified Person Jan 2, 2012

Running Jokes[]

  • Yukinari's personality being completly flipped. In the original, he was a quiet softspoken and kind character who is wimpy, afraid of being hurt. In this abridged version, he is a masochistic and sexist smartass. (His alergy towards women and getting hurt is still in the series).
  • Kazuharu's alergy towards men being ignored in the series and is instead a homophobic. (His perverted attitude is kept in the series)
  • Miharu is given a more airhead personality in this series. (Not much else has changed with her character)
  • The Banana Guy (known as The Fruit Vendor in the original series) having an un natural obsesion with bananas.
  • Maharu's obsesion with men is taken up to 11. The same can be said with other characters as well.
  • Tomoka being nearly insane.
  • Koiyumi often times the abridged Krillin of this abridged. (See TeamFourStar's Dragonball Z Abridged)

Episode / Abridging Style[]

Since both MrSkoring and Dejay both have been inspired by abridgers who often times go for a more story based route in terms of abridging, they go on a more story based route in their works. They enjoy occasional random humor but don't rely on it to much. They like to keep a good plot and story in their works while also being super silly with the characters and how they interact with one another while also flipping some character personalities around. They also enjoy occasional reference humor but try to avoid it as much as possible. Girls Bravo Abridged is no exception to this style. Much of the elements of story are kept the same but sometimes will be flipped and some character personalities are occasionally flipped as well.