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Getsugabridged is a group of "people" on the internet that upload videos on youtube for whatever reason. They started posting these videos in July of 2010.

This group frist started when Mr.RPeaper went to a trip in Hawaii. There, as he passed fat men with speedos eating coconut flavored ice cream cones, saw a man in a black kimono. Surprised that he was the only skinny man there in that very beach, he was intrigued. It turned out, the dude drank one gallon of Bleach a day to break down his fat and this gave Mr.RPeaper an idea. Going back to his hometown, he went on his skype and rounded up the most capable and reliable people he could find and decided to work on an abridged series. The man in a black kimono, a gallon of Bleach, eating away the fat one gallon of Bleach at a time.... this was the start of making a show that took something from one culture, cut away any filler that just fatten up the story, and make it a few minutes at a time. It was the revelation he received that day. A day to make.... A Bleach Abridged series.

However, he needed to make it different. Call it different, Get it away from the mainstream and just attract the people towards it. Being in this slump, he went to Hawaii once more to get more inspiration,. That's when he saw the same guy only this time, the dude was bat shit insane. Seeing him grab a random foam noodle from a shop, the kimono man tried to break into a bank by using it as a battering ram.. As the first half of it exploded for some weird reason, the noodle's tip looked like it split on its ends. This gave him the idea of making the logo the way it is. The name was inspired after watching the anime while on his plane back home.

Episode List (Season 1)[]

Episodes Air Date
Episode 1: Pilot
Episode 2: TBA
Episode 3: In-Your-Endo
Episode 4: Konic Relief Part 1/3
Episode 4: Konic Relief Part 2/3
Episode 4: Konic Relief Part 3/3
Episode 5


  • Getsugabridged has created a program that organizes and displays statistics of comments left on their videos.
  • ManaYugiohGX5Ds is known to take song requests.
  • It should be known that Getsugabridged was "attacked" by Toei and had their Episode 3 and Episode 4 Part 1 removed from YouTube; however, the videos are back up on their channel
  • Rukia has never, to this day, poke her straw into her hole as Ichigo has told her in Episode 3.
  • The group is split into three sides when it comes to their favorite sandwich places. There is a small amount whom likes Quizno's, another who's into Subway, and the rest are either neutral with their decisions or don't like sandwiches at all.
  • Pikadru is a talented sound developer. He's able to play a ukelele as well as use a synthesizer to make music for those in need. He is the guy who came up with the idea of Konic Relief to have its own Theme Song.
  • ZoidsBN was one of the original voice actors for the group. However he has left the team after a few personal situations. As of June 2 2014 He was invited back into the group and has made amends with the group. 
  • The name Getsugabridged was thought up by ZoidsBN. It was supposed to simultaneously pay tribute to LittleKuribohs Ninjabridged channel as well as poke fun at it.

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