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The Comrades in Arm[]

The number of members of Getsugabridged is currently at 12. The members of this team span out between the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Canada. Though the cast is mainly made of males rather than females (as most teams are), the group is well balanced with their roles and everyone is quite tight knit when needs to be. However, most of the time, each members act like misfits toys that don't belong together in a box. Thankfully, the power of abridging as well as the spare times they have to chat about random things that happen to appear, the group lasted thus far.

Abuelo newest

Mr. RPeaper


The leader of the group as well as the editor of this particular BLEACH abridged series. He's the joker of the group and is pretty neutral to what's going on around the meetings. Mellow and chill, he just plays by his own rules while letting the other party think that they have won the battle. However, within his sinister mind, he's bound to cook up a plan to win the war.

Editing Software

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe After Effects
Brent pic



A resident voice actor in the Abridging Community. He's gone through several names in the game such as DuelingAlter72 and currently goes under UltimaSaviorDragon on YouTube but prefers to be called either by Savior, Dragon, or Savvy D. As a member of Getsugabridged, he is known as the Second Banana, keeping the group in check and focused whenever Mr. Rpeaper is not around. Has a great preference for Pepsi and believes Dr. Pepper to be shit.


  • Ichigo Kurosaki - The main protagonist of the series. He teams up with an annoying rabbit-obsessed Soul Reaper named Rukia to stop the threat of the Hollows from ruining everyone's life, but it seems that Ichigo's will forever be ruined. Has had a tendency to "do" drugs throught the series and is known for his dislike for Rukia ruining his life.
  • Various Extras
    • Little Boy in Car - Episode 2
    • Some Hippie Dude - Episode 3




A new female voice actress that joined Getsugabridged after a previous VA was unable to turn her lines in. She has proven to be an exceptional voice actor and has been called better than the English Dub's Rukia, Michelle Ruff. While on as some of the other members, her job of rescuing puppies and bunnies in her real life is a noble goal that EVERYONE in the group respects and understands. She is also an artist having created the image of Rukia riding a unicorn (majestically) in Konic Relief Part 2 as well as the image you see on the right (and the image of SaviorDragonFTW above).


  • Rukia Kuchiki - Does not wear pants.
  • Various Extras
    • Hiroshima Guy - Episode 3
    • Bird who was sent to Hell - Episode 3


The Representitive of Team U.K. Rumored to have the voice of a thousand men and voices various extras for any


A Lime Crumpet

series he is in. He is known to be an accent connoisseur and loves getting the job done more than anyone. He is a keen musician and has sung in various bands and projects of all genres. He a methodical and critical thinker and is the member who most challenges Savior's logic whenever the case needs it. He also enjoys shenanigans with EonDynamo, much to Mr RPeapers dismay.


  • Yasutora 'Chad' Sado - Chad is a man of few words and more action. Literally. He once saved a small bird from a steel beam. He's pretty much the same as he is in the Official Version, except probably more Mexican.
  • Renji Abari - TBA
  • Byakuya Kuchiki - TBA


Resident musical talent, Pikadru, once known as Omnomnomnandrew, is a welcomed addition to the team. Musically gifted at birth, it is said that he was born with a tambourine in his hand. This young Canadian loves to party and does not discriminate against anyone for anything. Pikadru is most known for his prominent role as Kon in Getsugabridged's series, but is also known to play Date Masamune in SaviorDragonFTW's Sengoku Bastards series.


  • Kisuke Urahara - Wears a hat.
  • Tessai - Black guy.
  • Kon - Does not wear a hat.
  • Mizuio - Not a black guy.


Image not available

Due to not having a good image for Chadvision, this image is used as a substitute.

Not much is known of this person other than that he has a great voice for shrills. This got him as the permanent Keigo within the group. Mostly a ghost member of the cast, he gives his lines at a good pace whenever the scripting is complete. No one has heard him speak besides the times his lines are heard. Not many of the newer members know him very well as the older members wait for his return.


  • Keigo Asano - Yes.


If there was ever someone as sweet as cookies and ice cream, this well known voice actress of the internet would taste even sweeter than that. ManaYugiohGX5ds is a big time Yugioh franchise fan and is apart of many different Abridged Series projects, with Getsugabridged being added to that long list. It was SaviorDragon who brought her onto the team and has since been a valued member of the team. Is known to be attracted to guys with blue hair and masks.


  • Orihime Inoue - Owns a shirt that she has never worn.
  • Yuzu Kurosaki - Knows how to drive stick shift.


AnimeVoiceKiddo, also known as Kiddo, is another female voice actress that is well known by most of the

Image not available 2

Substitute image for AnimeVoiceKiddo

Community. She is the group's iconic loli and can voice even the cutest shota in existance. This talents land her into a lot of younger roles despite her natural voice being in the tough and sultry department. However, her love for tiny little children roles gives her the courage to pursue this path.


  • Tatsuki Arisawa - Owns a Zune.


Smaller Mr

Mr. Meaty that is made and represents Jarvistheninth

Also known as Tomcat within the group, this man is in love with Tacos. Have vocal cords of steel and can lash out any form of sassy male voices, he was chosen to play the whiny Uryu and the cheeky Yoruichi. He once left the group for personal reasons but has long since returned to the team.


  • Uryu Ishida - Name starts with "U."
  • Yoruichi (Cat Form) - A black cat. That's it, nothing more to it.


A young and upcoming audio editor. Impressed with his amazing ability to make any given line sound as if a God uttereted it, SaviorDragonFTW brought the young man onto the team and has since been a valued memeber. Besides being a back-up editor when needed, he is known to be voicing Gin Ichimaru in the series's Season 2 premise as quote SaviorDragonFTW: "Does the character justice."


  • Gin Ichimaru - TBA