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Gargoyles TAS, or at least this version, was created by Elementalheroshadow (http://abridgedseries.wikia.com/wiki/Elementalheroshadow) and ChronicValium. This series came about as a result of boredom and Shadow having season 1 of Gargoyles on DVD. Commentaries are available for all current episodes and the 2 specials

(Q&A and Anime Milwaukee).
ChronicValium- Goliath, Hudson, Brooklyn, Bronx, Owen, Hakon, The Captain, Jackal
Shadow- Lex, The Magus, Broadway, Xanatos, Elisa, Dingo, Hyena
Episode 1-Start of the "Where's My Breakfast?" arc (originally awakening) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fCxGU8_2YU
Made in Windows Movie Maker (the only episode that was), Episode 1 starts off with the narrator from The Powerpuff Girls showing up on the wrong set, and goes downhill from there. After Elisa complains to the random black cop about Crazy Taxi, she sees claw marks in stone, and mistakenly thinks either:
Rex from Toy Story
A spork with Ryuk's face
Cartoon Jackie Chan
or the Gargoyles from Hunchback
After dismissing the last thought as ridiculous, we get our opening. 24 by jem, set to an unedited grayscale version of the original opening.
Flashback to Ancient Scotland, where the seagulls from Finding Nemo are archers. Just go with it. Hakon is introduced, and makes references to the Minnesota Vikings. There's also a Viking voiced by Fred Fredburger.
We then are introduced to the main group of gargoyles, with all of Broadway's lines being taken from the show. And Lexington is made the "necessary gay guy" of the group. Which is apparently canon.
After beating the Vikings in an 80s montage, Bronx is now Zuul from Ghostbusters for some reason. Inside the castle, the magus whines that Goliath made him spill his Kool-Aid. Cue various events involving the short-lived "Goliath owned count."
Later, Hakon mistakes a hooded captain for Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Broadway pigs out. Like usual. While hunting Vikings, Hudson tells Goliath to do a barrel roll. Then, the castle is attacked. When Goliath finds out, he blames Kahn.
Episode 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0vtZwOOsPk
Goliath starts off by om nomming rocks, thinking they were meatballs. After jokes at Lex and Broadway’s expense, and the opening, Goliath decides to terminate Hakon for stealing his breakfast.
Hakon proceeds burn a page from the magus’s Harry Potter book, which the magus tries to counter with his “anime mouth powers.”
After Hakon comparing the captain to Mr. Popo, Goliath yet again claims to be Batman. An argument ensues, ending in a Pokemon battle, where Hakon and the captain fall off a cliff.
Elsewhere, the magus casts petrificous totalis on the gang (sans Goliath), and freaks out when he can’t reverse it. Then Goliath gets hit with the spell as well.
Cut to present-ish day, where Xanatos smells a loophole. After getting to the chopper, he wakes up the gang and sort of explains what happened. The “spoiler police” show up, and steal a briefcase. Ends with Xanatos trying to hire the gargoyles.
Episode 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM6N_fLcdOU
Owen lies to Elisa, and turns into Beast. After a monologue, Elisa randomly sleeps with Xanatos and asks for the truth. He responds by calling himself the “suave, bad-ass, worthy-of-cult-worship Bill Gates,” accompanied by the hallelujah chorus.
Elisa then sees a gargoyle moving, causing Owen to hyperventilate. Playing the Luigi’s Mansion theme, she sets out to investigate. She falls off the roof after seeing Zuul/Bronx, and Goliath catches her. He then introduces himself and threatens to throw her back off if she doesn’t explain herself.
Covering up exposition, Hudson thinks the writers forgot about him, and Lex thinks Elisa is an alien. After a cast conversation and a random montage of pictures, Brooklyn says Elisa smells nice. Elisa then uses Shadow’s name (editor = god of this abridged universe) in vain, and flashes… her badge. Lex then tries to figure out how gargoyles reproduce, interrupted by Owen.
Goliath is called in by Xanatos, where he is told to find Xanatos’s virginity, apparently stored on a floppy disk in the stolen briefcase. He then says fantabulous, and we see what couldn’t possibly be Demona’s silhouette.
Later on a random building, Goliath and Elisa comment how this series sucks. Then she hits on him, only to have the Mojo killed by Hudson, who is then named after the nearby river. Then Goliath and Elisa have sex.
After Hudson gets freaked out by seeing Antfish’s “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Abridged” on TV, the trio blows up a motorcycle. Ends with Goliath and Elisa being assaulted in the park.
Episode 4- Shown at Anime Milwaukee 2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krOl5KXqFuA
The first flashback to previous episodes happens. The trio cause a Japanese man to crash his taxi, leading to A HUGE EXPLOSION. After an epic Wolverine-style transition, Hudson finds Lion King on TV, so he sings “Circle of Life“.
In the park, Elisa opens a can of whoop-ass and plays metal to defeat the spoiler cops. Shadow’s brother makes a cameo as the jogging guy, doing his brilliant impression of Mort from Madagascar.
Goliath tells the gang they have enemies (EvilChicken25: the other guy who abridges this show). Goliath asks Hudson what he missed on Hannah Montana, prompting everyone getting names. Xanatos then asks for Goliath’s help again, persuading him with bringing Demona back into the show. He then accepts.
In the Xanatos Cave (trademark), we are told who will attack what. On the airship, Demona throws someone to their doom. In the tower, the trio climbs an elevator shaft, only to have guns pointed at them. Ends with Elisa’s voice being changed because she kept insulting the creators.
Episode 5- End of WMB?/awakening arc: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbpvUyCZ6gw
Goliath, Lex and Elisa run down a list of overused jokes to determine how the episode will start. They decide on LeFou striking up the theme music. After that, we see a flashback.
The trio ask for directions to the bathroom and get shot at. While trying to get the data disk, they are also apparently trying to find Waldo (aren‘t we all?). Broadway then mimics both Kirby and The Hulk, allowing them to escape.
In the sewer, Hudson comes up with an amazing plan to get into the base, involving a pizza-gram. He then finds the disk, and Waldo, and tries to play Indy music as he leaves. He is cut off.
Demona destroys the airship, which is seen by Elisa, the announcer, and the magus. Back at the castle, Xanatos assures that the disks won’t be used for evil (yeah right), and Demona threatens to castrate Goliath if he’s cheating on her.
We then find out Xanatos is lying through his teeth, and his middle name is Quirlington. He also has a robot army, which Demona is VERY excited (aroused) over. Owen sets their voices to Daleks.
A fight ensues, with Hudson using a move learned from Link, and Goliath using Pokemon attacks. After Demona fires her laser, she dramatically reveals that she is Kira, only to be corrected by Shadow. She then explodes, and Xanatos is sent to jail. Ends with Lex finding the robots’ other settings. (Borg, R2D2, Lost in Space and Bender)

Episode 6: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWt7iikIhnE

Starts off with Elisa complaining about the lack of a flashback, and Owen asking where the gargoyles keep the drugs they use to be stoned all day. Hudson leaves to watch TV, and the trio jump off the tower. Goliath then shows his rape face.

We are then introduced to the yellow @ symbol, referred to as “yellow thing”. After Ask That Guy claims Goliath is an imposter, Hudson calls Spiderman gay (because of tight blue spandex). The trio then show up to watch THE PACK SHOW, narrated by the Teen Girl Squad reject, Hyena (complete with music!).

Somewhere, in a bulding, the pack is working out. And Wolf, voiced by Shadow’s friend, hits on Fox, voiced by the latest female voice the group got to do lines. He’s bored, so Hyena makes jokes about snipping something off. We find out she meant his beard, so Jackal gets hit with a dumbbell for being a pervert. We then see snapshots of mythical creatures, which Jackal finds “kinky”.

The trio goes to see the pack live, cue various jokes about fighting teams (power rangers and Ginyu force). Afterwards, Lex makes the others leave with his invisible power glove (it‘s so bad), and goes to meet the pack. Wolf finds this convenient, and Fox sets up a date with Goliath. Lex loses a 13 hour long staring contest, but they still go to meet up with the pack. Totally NOT a trap.

The pack unleashes there secret weapon: The Non-Cannon. It fires internet jokes, as demonstrated when Charlie the unicorn blows up in front of them. They get trapped in the labyrinth, and are forced to listen to Hyena singing David Bowie. They escape.

Goliath is then angry because Disney bought Marvel, and fuses Lex with Spiderman. He then tells Lex all celebrities are evil, only to be blow up by his own Gargoyle-arang (trademark).

The pack then attacks to the tune of Thriller, only to be distracted by small children. Goliath then uses THE POWER OF YELLOW THING to have he-man’s head attack the pack in a rush of water. After climbing the roof to hide among a crap-ton of normal gargoyles, Fox says finding them will be like “Like trying to find a non-virgin at comic con”. They apparently eat Hyena, so Jackal runs away, only to be attacked with Psycho music.

Goliath then tackles Wolf and Fox, interrupting a photoshoot. After taking a hostage, Fox is knocked down by Lex. Wolf then proceeds to Falcon Punch Goliath, but fails miserably and ends up in a trash can.

Back at the castle, Lex pokes himself in the eye. Then Goliath gives him a “Stereo-Typical Disney-Type Friendship-y Speech.” Brooklyn announces the pack has been arrested, and Hudson gives us our lesson of the day. Ends with Xanatos being pleased.