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05/09/2008 - 12/29/2008


20 Episodes
+ "The Filler Chronicles" (2010)


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Gantz The Abridged Series is the second abridged series made by hbi2k.


After finishing Berserk Abridged, hbi2k was looking for a new series to abridge and was introduced to Gantz by his girlfriend. That and his later love of the manga of Gantz, lead to Gantz TAS. At first, hbi2k tried the same approach he used to make Berserk Abridged, however, he came to a problem when he found that he could not do any other female voices that did not sound like the ones from Berserk. Cassius614 had contacted hbi2k about her Life Abridged Countdown. Hbi2k noticed that Cassius614 rated his stuff high on her list and that she had a good voice, so he approached her to do the female voices.

Hbi2k ended the series at episode 20, because the rest of the series was filler.


Unlike Berserk Abridged, hbi2k had to actually do script writing because he had the female voices done by Cassius614. He did find that recording all of the lines for one voice at a time was much easier.

The editing was also improved compared to Berserk Abridged. Because of the nudity in the original series and YouTube's policies on such material, images have been edited over that content.

Gantz, like some abridged series, has eye catchers at the end of each episode. This is a big change from Berserk Abridged, where hbi2k did not do that. The eye catchers usually used material from the episode.


  • Violent Pornography -- System of a Down. Edited by KaiserNeko.


  • hbi2k -- Most of the male voices.
  • Cassius614 -- Kishimoto Kei.
  • Voice Synthesizer -- Gantz.

Guest Stars[]

  • Lanipator - Intro voice (ep. 4)
  • MasakoX - Robo Rock Lee (ep. 10-13)
  • AngelElric - Microsoft Tech Support (ep. 15ish-17), Stalker Girl (ep. 18&19)

Episode List[]

Details for individual episodes can be found at Gantz TAS Episode List.

Episodes Air Date
Episode 1: Big Black Balls May 9, 2008
Episode 2 May 15, 2008
Episode 3: The Uncanny Alley of the Jolly Green Jackoff Jun 5, 2008
Episode 4: Seriously? Score! Jun 15, 2008
Episode 5&6: Bully for You Jun 26, 2008
Episode 7: Bully for You Two Jul 8, 2008
Episode 8&9: The Secret of the Talking Junk Jul 25, 2008
Episode 10: The Word ‘Emo’ Constitutes a Joke Aug 11, 2008
Episode 11&12 Sep 7, 2008
Episode 13: Salarymanhandled Sep 18, 2008
Episode 14&15ish: Schwarzrolled Oct 15, 2008
Episode 15ish&16: The AAAA Puts in Overtime Nov 16, 2008
Episode 17: This Episode Contains 20% Recycled Voices Nov 29, 2008
Episode 18&19: Fight the Power Dec 12, 2008
The Abridged Finale (Pt. 1 of 2) - Super Statue

Fighter III Turbo HD Remix Championship Edition
Ultimate Alpha GT Niner

Dec 29, 2008
Abridged Finale (Pt. 2 of 2) - Super Statue Fighter III

Turbo HD Remix Championship Edition Ultimate Alpha
GT Niner: The Nextest Generation

Dec 29, 2008
Gantz: The Filler Chronicles (Part 1)(Part 2) Aug 12, 2010

Common Themes[]

  • TvTropes Page
  • Laws of Anime Physics: Rule 44: Saying the name of an attack increases its power.


Because of the unavoidable nudity in Gantz, hbi2k created the AAAA or Quadruple A or Abridged Anti-Awesomeness Alliance to censor those scenes. He created this group, instead of using 4Kids or the FCC.

One of the censors is the word "Bagel", for the word condom. Originally, there was going to be a Lanipator guest appearance with the Neighborhood Watch, but because hbi2k was done with everything except that, he made something up. He chose the word "Bagel" simply because he was eating a bagel at the time.


  • Kurono Kei - Kurono is basically a stereotypical teenage male. All he really thinks about is sex. His nickname from Gantz is "Bitch Face".
  • Kato Masaru - He is a fan of Star Trek, and his speech pattern is based on Shatner's Captain Kirk. He's also a self-proclaimed pacifist and uses several "pacifism" techniques to brutalize his enemies. Though, he does usually try to avoid killing during a hunt. His Gantz nickname is "Blando Calrissian"
  • Kishimoto Kei - She died while eating a burger in the bath tub, she likes Kato, and she is pretty much useless. Her nicknames from Gantz include "Boobarella", "Janice Juggsland", and "Titts McGee".
  • Gantz - The man inside the ball is said to be a power source for Gantz, like the robots in The Matrix. Whenever Gantz brings the hunters to the Gantz Room, the Rickroll music plays. Gantz has a tendency to blow up the heads of people who are talking about philosophy, because it takes time away from the sex and violence in the series. The only two people he did not do that to are Kurono and Kato. He also does not like being touched by people. The Salary Man kids nicknamed him "Uncle Dude-Ball". The voice of Gantz was done using a voice synthesizer. Interestingly, hbi2k considered this voice to be his favorite in the show.
  • Joe Salary Man - He has two kids, who are referred to as "Salary Man" as well because of similar character design though in Gantz they are not related. His voice is loosely based on a bit character from Invader Zim. This was hbi2k's favorite voice that he could do. As such, he and Gantz make the most appearances outside of the series.
  • Nishi Joichiro - His character is about the same. His Gantz nickname is "The Honorable Nishi-sama".
  • Sakuraoka Sei - Her character is portrayed as a slut.
  • Hojo Masanobu - He is called "Bishonen Kurono" by most of the characters, much to the character's annoyance. He died from watching the video tape from The Ring. Because VCRs are becoming extinct, he could not find another VCR to prevent his death.
  • The Hulk - The first alien boss. "Hulk Smash!"
  • Robo Rock Lee - The second alien target. Its purpose is to exterminate emo. Since they are Canadians, they are very law abiding. They also hate spoilers. His techniques are flying and supersonic jutsus, which is odd since Rock Lee can only do taijutsu. Voiced by MasakoX.
  • Clucky - The second alien boss.
  • Red Oni - A Chinese communist and one of the third alien targets. It uses an attack called "Socialism Cyclone".



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