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Gantz Sagas

Created By:

VegetaSasuke0 & HN5353.


6 (+ 1 redux episode).

Youtube Airing Date:

6/27/2009 - Present.




Gantz Sagas is an abridged series styled parody of the anime series known as Gantz, created by VegetaSasuke0 & HN5353.


The series got started due to VegetaSasuke0's love for the source material, as well as both his & HN5353's love for Hbi2k's abridged version of the series, & since it had been a while since he touched it, they decide to try their own rendition of the series. The series was not well-received by the abridged community due to it's rash style of humor. It has spawned various episodes, a redux, as well as a series of commentary episodes.

After a long hiatus due to trouble with the abridged community & The Sagas Council's defection from it, on November 27th, 2015, they released what would be their 5th episode, which would see them return to form, making the unique humor that their small fanbase knows them for, though the cast is a bit mixed up with VegetaSasuke0 taking over the role for Kishimoto, though this has not been the first time that something like this has happened for the series. Episode 6 has started scripting, & it plans on being more than just filler.

On January 26th 2016, the Gantz Sagas youtube account was terminated, though all the episodes are still available for viewing on The Sagas Council's website, a little while after the account had returned after the dispute with Youtube.

On December 12th 2021, the Gantz Sagas youtube account would run into issues once again as episode 5 of Gantz Sagas would be taken down under the false pretense of "terrorism". The group ended up disputing it, which instead gave it an age-restriction (which a lot of the episodes are already labeled with).

Production & Recurring Jokes[]

The series is edited by VegetaSasuke0. The script is also written by VegetaSasuke0, with the supervision of HN5353, giving it a unique touch of flavor that isn't really understood by any of the community. Most openings are edited by VegetaSasuke0, but the 3rd opening is the only one to be edited by SoulReaperHikuru.

At one point in time, HN5353 was going to be recasted as Kurono & replaced with someone else, though plans changed & continued on.

The cameos are very unique, as some of these people have little to no history with the abridged community, yet they continue to work with The Sagas Council.

Some of their reccuring jokes revolve around Kurono going to the bathroom in his Gantz suit, as well as Kurono's theme (Chris Benoit's WWE theme) being used during battle. Some notable jokes that appeared in the episode happened by accident, much like the end of episode four of Gantz Sagas. The Sagas Council use a lot of old methods for their episodes, one that is noted is the use of male voices for female characters, which is a throwback to the classic styles of abridging, which was done to move the production of the episode along.


  • HN5353 - Script Writer, Script Supervisor, Kei Kurono, Kei Kishimoto [episodes 2 - 4], James Brown, Hobo, Goro Suzuki (Old Man), The Old Lady (Nishi's Grandmother), News Reporter [episode 2], Gay Guys [episodes 3 - 4], Italian Guy [episode 4], Black Guy [episode 4], That Guy In The Ski Mask [Episode 6], Sadayo Suzumura, Kurono & Kato's penises, & Narrator.
  • VegetaSasuke0 - Script Writer, Script Supervisor, Editor, Masaru Kato, Kei Kishimoto [episodes 5 - 6], Joichiro Nishi, Masanobu Hojo, Tetsuo Nemoto, Sei Sakuraoka, Kato's Brother, Male Teacher, Goro Suzuki (Old Man) [episode 2], Bookstore Owner, The Dicks Alien (Green Alien), & Gantz Ball.
  • LightofHope18 (Mochidzuki) - Yoshino Uehara (Female Teacher) [episode 1].
  • IncendiaryScorpion - Bird Robot/Aliens.
  • SoulReaperHikuru - Script Supervisor.


Character Name Character Picture Character Description Appearance
Kei Kurono
Kei Kurono Character Profile Picture
Kei Kurono is a highschool student who while going to a bookstore to buy some pornography was hit by a train. Now he fights aliens with his friends in order to get their lives back. Kurono is somewhat of an idiot, but tries to lead the group as well as he can. Kurono is known in school for being a loser & just wants to have sex. He tends to bully his friend Kato. Kurono's theme when fighting is "Whatever" by the band Our Lady Peace. Whenever Kurono punches, he channels his hero Johnny Bravo. Episode 01
Masaru Kato
Masaru Kato Character Profile Picture
Masaru Kato is simply an idiot who wants to avoid fighting, he was bullied a lot in school, but refuses to fight back. Kato has a love for his friends & little brother, & despite not wanting to fight, he will stand up for them when he really needs to. One of the running jokes is that Kato is secretly gay or sexually confused. Episode 01
Joichiro Nishi
Joichiro Nishi Character Profile Picture
Joichiro Nishi is an emo teen who killed his grandmother with a gun while he was "cleaning". It is unsure of how he died, but it is believed that he jumped off a building like his original counterpart. Nishi also enjoys masturbation in his free time. VegetaSasuke0 & HN5353 believe Nishi to be one of the best characters in the series. Episode 01
Kei Kishimoto
Kei Kishimoto Character Profile Picture
Kei Kishimoto is a teenage girl who committed suicide in a bathtub. The entire group finds her useless (people consider her to be the Sakura Haruno of the Gantz series), & asides Kato, she herself is the butt of the joke a good half of the time. She has a crush on Kato, which is why she is mostly seen hanging around him. Episode 02
Masanobu Hojo
Masanobu Hojo Character Profile Picture
Masanobu Hojo is a gay pornstar who died in a car crash. Is considered a Leon Kennedy lookalike. He also enjoys futanari (or simply chicks with dicks). Hojo claims to have been involved in a clown orgy before. Episode 05
Sadayo Suzumura
Sadayo Gantz
She really doesn't do anything special. Her only noted feature is that she is a chick with a dick. Episode 05
Sei Sakuraoka
Sei Sakuraoka Character Profile Picture
Sei Sakuraoka is a woman who comes off a bit like a prep & a slut, but she can hold her own on the battlefield. Episode 06
Yoshino Uehara (Female Teacher)
Yoshino Uehara Character Profile Picture
Yoshino Uehara is Kurono's high school teacher with big tits that gives him boners all the time. She is killed by an angry wife, ending up in the Gantz room. Episode 01
Male Teacher (Scooter Guy)
Scooter Guy (Male Teacher) Character Profile Picture
The male teacher (also known as the scooter guy) is another poor soul who died (obviously by getting hit by a car while riding his scooter, hence the name). Episode 01
Goro Suzuki
Goro Suzuki Character Profile Picture
An old man with alzheimer's disease. Was killed while looking for his "mommy" & stepped outside the battle area. Episode 01
Tetsuo Nemoto
Tetsuo Nemoto Character Profile Picture
A biker who left hate comments on popular Youtube videos, leading to the Youtube Mafia murdering him & his friends. Episode 05
Bookstore Owner
Bookstore Owner Gantz
Not much is known about him other than that he owns the bookstore, he is not a "people" person, & he believes he is Hank Hill. Episode 06
Nishi's "Grandmother" (The Old Lady)
Grandmother Character Profile Picture
Unsure of who she was in the original series, the old lady was nicknamed "Nishi's Grandmother" to make the story flow (going along with the story of how Nishi killed his grandmother with his gun). She first appeared in the first episode as only a voice, but she reappears as a ghost that haunts Kurono in order to find her way to Nishi. Episode 01
James Brown
James Brown Character Profile Picture
Kato & his little brother rent from him, legendary musician James Brown. James Brown is a crazy old man who owns a shotgun, so you better not use his bathroom! Episode 04
The "Dicks" Alien (Green Alien)
Green Dicks Alien Character Profile Picture
The green "dicks" alien is the first alien that the group encounters, slaughtering almost everyone. Episode 02
The Bird Robots/Aliens
Bird Robot Alien Character Profile Picture
The bird robots/aliens are the second aliens that the group encounters. They speak like R2-D2, as well as say "Slam a**. Their leader is known simply as "Big Bird". Episode 05
Big Bird
Big Bird Character Profile Picture
Big Bird is the leader of the bird robots/aliens. He roars like a Fleshpound from the video game "Killing Floor". Episode 05

Episode List & Other Information[]


Thumbnail Episode Release Date
Episode 01 Original Thumb
Episode 01 Aug 28, 2010
Episode 02 Thumb
Episode 02 Jul 24, 2011
Episode 03 Thumb
Episode 03 Aug 6, 2011
Episode 01 Thumb
Episode 01 (Redux) Feb 24, 2012
Episode 04 Thumb
Episode 04 Apr 19, 2012
Episode 05 Thumb
Episode 05 Nov 27, 2015
Gantz Sagas Episode 06 Thumbnail
Episode 06 Sep 24, 2019
Episode 07 TBD


Gantz is owned by Gonzo Studio, & Fuji TV, is licensed by Funimation Entertainment, written by Hiroya Oku, & directed by Ichiro Itano. Please support the official release.

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