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Fallen Flame Famiglia
Team Name Fallen Flame Famiglia
Members MegamAnttoVA


Started November 2017 (as Big Bang Bladers)
May 2019 (as Galaxy Ascended Entertainment)
April 2020 (as Fallen Flame Famiglia)
Youtube YouTube Channel
Discord Discord Server
Twitter Twitter

Fallen Flame Famiglia (formerly known as Galaxy Ascended Entertainment) is an American abridging team that began uploading content in August of 2018. The group rebranded to Galaxy Ascended Entertainment in May 2019, and to Fallen Flame Famiglia in April of 2020. It currently has two main series, being Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Abridged and SSSS.Gridman Abridged. They have also produced one-shots throughout their career.


  • MegamAnttoVA - Director/Head Writer/VA
  • Dougo - Director/Head Writer/VA
  • Jobot - Editor/VA
  • ShadowMercury - Editor/VA
  • sunnysideup97 - Special Effects

Known VAs...[]

Beyblade Metal Fusion Abridged[]
  • bblackroses
  • Fletch




  • Ouran Host Club High School (April Fools' Day)



  • The creator, MegamAnttoVA, has gone on record stating his dislike for his Beyblade Metal Fusion Abridged series and that it was "necessary to make at the time", but "not something he would ever want to continue", making episode four and the "your mom abridged" video the last in the series.
  • There was a Fire Force abridged one-shot uploaded to their channel in August of 2019, however it appears to have either been privated or deleted from the channel entirely. When asked about it, MegamAnttoVA does not acknowledge it exists.