Galaxy Ascended Entertainment
Team Name Galaxy Ascended Entertainment
Members 10
Started 2016 (White Haired Bandits) November 2017 (as Big Bang Bladers)
May 2019 (as Galaxy Ascended Entertainment)
Youtube YouTube Channel
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Galaxy Ascended Entertainment is an American abridging team that came as a merger between BigBangBladers and WhiteHairedBandits. The group rebranded to Galaxy Ascended Entertainment in May 2019. It currently has one main series, being Beyblade Metal Confusion and has also produced one-shots throughout its career.


  • MegamAnttoVA - Director/Head Writer/VA
  • Dougo - Partner and Writer
  • Admiral Handsome - VA/Writer
  • Jobot - Editor/VA
  • ShadowMercury - Editor/VA
  • Fletch - VA
  • bblackroses - VA


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