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G Gundam Abridged
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1/22/2008 - 4/06/2008




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Episodes 2&3 on Dailymotion

"Now everyone, I'd like to quickly explain the origin of the Gundam fights. Basically a bunch of Gundam pilots were drinking, and a brawl broke out! And they fought, and fought, and the one left standing (in a sign of drunken bravado) declared his country the Winner of Space." - Stalker's speech at the beginning of G Gundam Abridged, episode 3


IDLITstudios was created by Takahata101 and Cheesemanjoe in late 2007. The duo had long talked about doing an abridge series of their own when they stumbled across G Gundam when playing Dynasty Warriors Gundam. The two had before heard the immortal words '"This hand of mine glows with an awesome power" when watching a Phoenix Wright parody on newgrounds.com. Both Cheese and Taka decided in a second that they should look into the series more. Cheesemanjoe purchased both Seasons of G Gundam and began to watch every episode start to finish. Cheesemanjoe fell in love with the series and even admits to crying near the end. Cheese past the DvD's onto Taka who also watched it with great ferocity. The Result was two adults eagerly wanting to make the best abridge parody they could. The first episode was completed in early January but was stalled because of a saving problem with Window's movie maker. Cheese, who had made several amv's with this program, had no idea on how to correct it. The answer, to redo the entire video in cheese's newly acquired Sony Vegas Platinum 8.0 . Shorty after it's completion and debut on YouTube.com the two began to work immediately on episode two which was released a week later. The reason behind such a quick schedule was the discovery of another G Gundam abridged released the same night as episode 1. The two not knowing that this had been a re-uploaded episode of a series that had been started a year before, feared that the public might start bashing their series for being a copy. However after continuing with the series the two realised they had nothing to worry about. During the summer of 2008, IDLITstudios announced an advertisement contest for abridge series to enter. The idea was to release and episode with a commercial break halfway through and announce the winners there. However because of poor planning the contest was never completed. Cheesemanjoe had this to say, " I really didn't think out a way to view the videos other than having them post on YouTube. In hindsight this was a bad idea, the commercials became overplayed and not as funny as they would have been if no one else had seen them." The contest winners are still yet to be announced. In October 2008 after going nearly 5 months without a new episode a video was posted informing YouTubers of an IDLITstudios hiatus. The reason being that cheesemanjoe's computer, which was used for the editing and recording, had ceased functioning. Over the next 8 months IDLIT remained dormant, uploading only two videos, one being a special cooking tutorial, and the other an April Fool's Day redub of Berserk: The Abridge Series. But on June 21st 2009 a video was released by IDLIT saying that thy were now "waiting on something special" before anymore episodes were released. While no specific details were mentioned Domon hinted of something regarding the sound.

Unfortunately for fans, it looks as though the series has been cancelled for the time being, with the team's Youtube page stating,"Sorry to everyone expecting a new episode....Sadly the show is still canceled. Thank you to everyone who supported the short run of G Gundam Abridged. The episodes will remain up for you to enjoy."

Sadly, as of Sept 2013, the episodes have been taken down on youtube, and only episodes 2 and 3 are available on IDLIT's backup account at dailymotion.com.


Each episode of G Gundam Abridged was made using Sony Vegas Platinum 8.0 and Microsoft Sound Recorder.


  • Takahata101 - Michelo Chariot, Jibodee Krocket, Rain Mikamura, Skinny Xiaolin Monk, Neo Samalia Gundam Pilot, Argo Gulsky, Dr. Mikamura, Comissioner Karato, Stalker, Various small voices.
  • Cheesemanjoe - Domon Kasshu, George De Sand, W.O.W. Bandit Leader, The American Government Agent, Nastasha, General Ulube, Professor Kasshu, Kyoji Kasshu, various small voices

Guest Voices:

  • MontyGlu (aka Taka's little sister) - Sai Saici
  • Hbi2k - cameo
  • Borinyukami - Domon's Mother


Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 Jan 22nd, 2008
Episode 2 N/A
Episode 3 N/A
Episode 4 March 6th, 2008
Episode 5 April 10th, 2008
Episode 6 Jun 24th, 2008


Takahata101 as "Stalker" has a cameo at the opening of several other abridged series, including: