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GHAMVs is an abridger, voice actor, writer and editer. He is hoping one day to become a professional editor.

He is currently working on a Beyblade Abridged series with his partner FlameRock69. He voices basically everyone.

People who inspire GHAMVs:

  • PurpleEyesFTW
  • Ninjabridge

Projects and Projects involved in[]

  • Beyblade Abriged (Writer, voice actor and editor)
  • Highschool of the Dead One Shot (Voice actor, writer and editor)
  • Angel Beats One Shot (Writer, voice actor and editor)
  • Shuffle One Shot (Editor and Voice actor)
  • Ouran High School Host Club Fandub by lgdsvcd (Voice of Tamaki and editor)
  • RandomYori's Naruto Abridged (Editor)
  • School ABRumble (Editor and voice of Nara)

H.O.T.D...... One Shot? Abridged?


Beyblade Abridged - Episode 3 - Taylor Swift, Black guys with KFC and Love Actually.