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Miaka Yuki is a middle school student whose biggest problem is getting into high school because she is dumb as a post. She and her transgender friend, Yui Hongo, go to the library and are pulled into a book (the universe of the four gods) where they are attacked by some rough gangsters in ancient China. The two are saved by Tamahome, a warrior of the Suzaku Seven. Then Yui is expelled from the book and Miaka becomes the priestess of Suzaku until Yui is later pulled back in to become the priestess of Seriyuu.

History & Production[]

On June 3rd, 2010. A group of gamers and anime lovers alike started up an abridged series written by Swirlydragonfly. Fushigi Yugi the abridged series is a parody of the popular shoujo anime that was aired on Asian Television Network during the late 1990's. Swirlydragonfly is the writer, editor, and provides the voice for Miaka Yuki, Yui Hongo, Nuriko, Taitsukun, as well as other bit parts in the series. The series is not the greatest quality due to it being edited on Windows Movie Maker, one of the worst editing softwares there is to offer. A lot of the jokes relate to the series itself as well as popculture and references to other abridged series, in particular TeamFourStar's Dragonball Z the abridged series.


Swirlydragonfly states on her youtube page that this series was inspired by several sources. One of which being the team that created AMV Hell, which is why some of her jokes depend on music. Others include other abridged series and the creators of the hidden Naruto episodes.



  • Miaka Yuki. - Miaka speaks like lolcat and often finds herself getting into trouble. She will do whatever it takes to haz cheezeburger and teh noms.
  • Nuriko - A crossdressing superhuman who at first can't stand Miaka but later acknowledges her as his friend. His theme song is Malchik Gei by tatu.
  • Yui Hongo - Miaka's best friend who used to be a boy in kindergarden but felt that they should have been born a girl. Yui loves Tamahome even though he rejects her several times.


  • Tamahome - Often refering to himself as "Tama my homie," he is the hero of this series and with his catch phrase "My Miaka's in danger senses are tingling, must save Miaka," will battle any enemy to protect her. He also feels the need to put on a macho personality because he only has one testicle.
  • Tetsuya - Keisuke's Spanish speaking amigo.
  • Tamahome's dad


  • Hotohori - The Emperor of Konan who makes several dramatic love confessions to Miaka throughout the series.
  • Chichiri - A monk who has a tendancy to say "no da" after everything because "you know" gets really annoying. His jokes are usually oneliners because he is a more serious character.
  • Mitsukake - The healer of the group who isn't very useful since he can only use his power once in a day. His lines are usually short but significant to the plot.
  • Ashitare - The wolfman who is obsessed with shiney objects.


  • Tasuki - A ginger who does not sparkle. He finds women irritating claiming that they only know how to spend men's money and whine. Because he isn't sensitive to other people's feelings, he finds himself getting into a bit of trouble.


  • Chiriko - A little boy who doesn't add much to the plot, seriously why couldn't Amiboshi be the real Chiriko? Putting that aside, he's a super genius.
  • Houki


  • Nakago - He is the general of Kutou's army. Many mistake him for a nazi for his blonde hair and blue eyes, but he is in fact jewish. He is a manly character who enjoys listening to coldplay and watching soap operas.
  • Kouji


  • Suboshi - The angry twin. He wants to have violent love with Yui.
  • Amiboshi - The gentle twin. He uses the power of kawaii and his flute as a weapon.


  • Soi - Controls lightning and loves Nakago even though she knows he is flawed and a team killing fucktard.


  • Tomo - He's just super fabulous and totally evil.
  • Keisuke - Miaka's brother, he's kind of a weirdo.


  • Miboshi - Hobbies include killing children and burning down orphaniges, he's a monster.


  • Chuie


  • Yuiren

Agirlworthfighting4 and WeFightTheBlues

  • NyanNyan


The series is incomplete as of episode 15, but all current episodes may be found on Swirlydragonfly's youtube channel (except for episode 10, which has been deleted).

Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 - The Pilot:

Miaka and Yui get sucked into the book and by the end of the episode there still isn't a plot.

Jun 3, 2010
Episode 2 - Sparkles:

Miaka and Tamahome are arrested by the emperor and Miaka learns that sparkling people are not vampires.

Jun 4, 2010
Episode 3 - Awkward:

As the title implys this episode is awkward and Nuriko's debut.

Jun 6, 2010
Episode 4 - Why can't we be friends?:

Miaka attempts to befriend Nuriko in this episode and confesses her love for Tamahome.

Jun 8, 2010
Episode 5 - Candy Mountain:

A spoof on the Charlie the Unicorn series.

Jun 10, 2010
Episode 6 - Tea and Crumpets are Evil:

This episode pokes fun at Walt Disney using a Disney soundtrack.

Jun 11, 2010
Episode 7 - Meet Taiskun Jun 18, 2010
Episode 8 - Almost a Filler Jun 19, 2010
Episode 9 - A wild Chichiri has appeared Jun 30, 2010
Episode 10 N/A
Episode 11 - Maybe He's born with it Jul 30, 2010
Episode 12 - Yarrr Sep 3, 2010
Episode 13 - Zombies Sep 25, 2010
Episode 14 - Flute Oct 1, 2010
Episode 15 - This episode has no title Nov 11, 2010

Ova 2 and 3 (Eikoden)[]

Swirlydragonfly planned to write scripts for the second and third OVA's, at this time the voices and plot are not confirmed. OVA 1 is being skipped because it makes no damn sense.