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01/24/2009 - 07/26/2010




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In December of 2008, Xexyzl began writing drafts for a Full Metal Panic! abridging project. After attempting to record some dialogue, he recruited XilliX42 to bring additional voice talent to the project (as well as a better microphone). The early drafts were cooperatively rewritten by both Xexyzl and XilliX42, and by January the script was finalized and the dialogue recorded.

The series was officially announced as cancelled for the foreseeable future in an update video made by xexyzl in April 2013, due to his and xillix42's lives having changed too much in the time since episode 9 was released.


The first episode was edited with Adobe Premiere Pro and was released on Xexyzl's YouTube account on January 24th, 2009. Subsequent episodes were edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. The song used in the opening sequence is "Subtitle" by Toshihiko Sahashi (the episode title sequence from the original show).

Scripting & Editing[]

  • Writer: Xexyzl and XilliX42
  • Editor: Xexyzl


  • Xexyzl - Sousuke Sagara, Kaname Chidori, Andrei Kalinin, Gauron, Narrator
  • XilliX42 - Kurz Weber, Melissa Mao, Teletha "Tessa" Testarossa, Kyoko Tokiwa, Richard Mardukas, Eri Kagurazaka, Shinji Kazama

Guest Stars:

  • Koivo - Takuma (ep. 9)
  • Katrina - Seina (ep. 9)

Episode List[]

The abridged series covers episodes from the original Full Metal Panic! anime at a 1:1 ratio. Instead of covering the corresponding episode in the anime, episode 8 of the abridged series is actually a short parody of badly-made abridged series, followed by a comments special, and ending with a rapid "fullmetal montage" of the actual episode content. Episode 9 returns to the standard format.

Episode Air Date
Episode 1 Jan 24, 2009
Episode 2 Feb 16, 2009
Episode 3 Mar 1, 2009
Episode 4 Mar 18, 2009
Episode 5 Jun 2, 2009
Episode 6 Jul 25, 2009
Episode 7 Aug 30, 2009
Episode 8 Nov 30, 2009
Episode 9 Jul 26, 2010

Common Themes[]

  • References to the work of Hbi2k: "The Abridged Anti-Awesomeness Alliance" (Quadruple A)
  • Heavy Metal: Metal riffs are used as the backing music to the mecha battles and during the credits/transition scenes.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: The source material in the visual novel is consulted when it gets too confusing to understand what's going on in the anime, and there are some spoilers for plot points and cliffhangers. Also criticizes Gonzo CG Animation.
  • "An unspecified time and place later"
  • Gauron's After Show: The stinger at the end of the episode where Gauron shows off his black comedy.