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This article is about Fruits Basket Abridged by AngelElric.

Fruits Basket Abridged
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24/08/2008 - present


4 (plus 1 special)


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History[edit | edit source]

AngelElric got her start in abridged voice acting in SamuraiKH2's Trigun abridged as Meryle, replacing the former actress. After two episodes of Trigun abridged, she decided to start her own abridged series, picking Fruits Basket. She was aided by her good friends Megami33, SamuraiKH2, Takahata101, Khenpoe, & Borinyukami, who have helped with scripting, voicing & editing. Recently life had gotten in the way of her completing the series, but she has shown interest in continuing to work on the series, though she is not sure how as almost all of the episodes have been blocked on Youtube.

Production[edit | edit source]

  • Episodes are scripted by AngelElric and Megami33, with help from SamuraiKH2, Whip0fAlchemy, Borinyukami, & Khenpoe depending on the episode.
  • Mixing & editing is typically done by Megami33 or NathanGraves989, with the Christmas Special edited by Reesemix & Wraith10.
  • The intro was made by Borinyukami
  • The most recent status update was given on April 27, 2011 [1], though on her Skype account her status stated that she was interested in finding a way to continue, stating "Thinking about bringing back FBA...any thoughts?"

Cast[edit | edit source]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episodes 1, 2 & 4 are blocked on youtube, although the original contents of episode 1 can be more or less deciphered from the episode 1 commentary. [2]

Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 Aug 24th, 2008
Episode 2 Nov 8th, 2008
Episode 3 May 25th, 2009
Christmas Special Dec 23rd, 2009
Episode 4 Mar 6th, 2010

Trivia[edit | edit source]


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