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Name FroLegend
Age Unknown
Other Links https://www.youtube.com/user/whiteash002

FroLegend, also known as WhiteAsh001, or WhiteAsh002, is known for being one of the first female abridgers, as well as her Saiyuki Reload abridged series.


Frolegend was one of the early abridgers (first generation) & the first female abridger. She was first known as WhiteAsh001, then FroLegend after her account was banned. It had over 1000 subscribers at the time, a personal goal she had set for herself early on.

WhiteAsh claims that fame is not something to be strived for but can simply show up with hard work, yet does not claim to be famous at the same time. She has had two guest appearances from MasakoX in her Abridged Series & calls herself the Den-Mother of Team Four Star.

Following her departure to pursue a career in teaching English overseas (South Korea to be precise), she closed her FroLegend account due to the stress of now living on her own & all of the responsibilities that came with it. As teaching became less stressful (& this didn't happen for eight months or more), FroLegend returned from being AWOL with a new account.

July 5, 2009 marks the day Frolegend returned to YouTube under the user name WhiteAsh002.

She has also rejoined Team Four Star as Launch & Android 18.


Guest Appearances[]


  • The username "FroLegend" referred to the abridger's hair.