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Friendship Is freaking Dumb Is an abridged series Of My little pony: friendship is magic Which premiered on the 10th anniversary of said show.



Twilight Sparkle[]

Twilight is prize pupal of Celestia but she neglects her work to watch anime. Because of this, she is evicted and forced to live in Ponyville but soon learns the value of Fandoms


Spike is Twilight’s friend and servant, he’s slightly sarcastic and a bit of a hypocrite sometimes.

Pinkie Pie[]

Pinkie was created by Celestia as the chosen one, to fulfill a prophesy and save the world when Celestia becomes lazy. She also can be quite critical over situations she thinks could be resolved much easier. She also doesn’t care for fame and fortune.


Applejack is part of the largest scam organization this side of Equestria: The Apples. Applejack does have her standards though, she never will scam a child (except for Twist) this gives Applejack the illusion what she’s doing is right do you Family influence.

Rainbow Dash[]

While at first Rainbow might seem like a mindless Hippie, deep down her only motive is to make ponies happy (like Pinkie). But she strongly believes in her... beliefs, and that they will be what really makes the world better.


Rarity might at first seem like a mindless valley girl, but as the series progresses Her secret is revealed.


Fluttershy is the only normal one in the group, he acts as the straight man to the others.