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Here are some of the questions we would like an article about an Abridged Series to answer.

Who made it?

What Version is it? The version usually is the name of the abridger or group that made it.

When it began? When was the first episode posted?

Is it continuing, completed, or inactive? Continuing means that the series is not over and the abridger is still doing more episodes. Complete means that the abridger has finished the series.

Common Themes?

How each episode is produced?

What equipment is used? What is used to mix the video? What is used for voice recording? Etc.

Number of Episodes? Use the numbering system that the series uses.

Number of Films, OVA, etc? Films and OVAs are NOT counted as episodes.

Web Site?

Series Title Image?


For openings, we want to know about the reoccurring openings. If there was a one time special opening, then it should be included in the episode article. For each opening, include the song name, who wrote, played, and/or sang it, and who made the opening, if there are more than one abridgers working on the series. Characters?

If the series does not have many significant characters, you may want to include the character list in the series article. Otherwise, you may want to make a separate article for that.

Endar Ren 17:03, 7 July 2009 (UTC)

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