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Kirby Abridged Episode 1 For Your Memes Only

For Your Memes Only is the first episode of PrettyKitty13 and KoopaMedia64's Kirby Abridged series. It first premiered April 14, 2010 on YouTube.


Tired of his own food at the castle and Kawasaki's food at the restaurant, Dedede decides to open a new restaurant, forming the competition. Kawasaki then introduces spicy food that can cause people to blurt out memes.


  • First entry in the Kirby Abridged series.
  • The microphone quality of the character voices are poor in this episode, filled with hiss noise and some distortion here and there. This changes in the fourth episode when PrettyKitty13 and KoopaMedia64 decided to trade the poor-quality microphone for a more high-quality SnowBall Mic (which controls the audio quality and prevents distortion).


  • There are a few scenes where Makiko Ohmoto's vocal effects for Kirby are left out in the episode.