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Flamealchemist35FTW on Youtube

Flamealchemist35 is an abridger on youtube from Philidelphia. His most known role is Lord Death in TheSEATeam's Soul Eater Abridged.


Flamealchemist35 created Ben 10 Abridged over Two years ago. He began on June 17, 2008. From then on he's been suspended twice, & has lost over 1000 subscribers. He has since retired his Ben 10 abridged series as well as his Alien Force abridged, & has worked on such series as Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Abridged, TheSEATeam's Soul Eater Abridged, & Many other small projects. His current status is considered "retired" due to the fact that none of his projects have been updated in some time.

Projects & Roles[]

  • Ben 10 Abridged
  • Ben 10 Alien Force Abridged
  • AlchemicReactionTeam's Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Abridged
  • Murder Princess Abridged
  • School Days Abridged
  • TheSEATeam's Soul Eater Abridged
  • Trinity Blood Abridged
  • Happy Birthday Brittany
  • Sonic & The Hate Machine Episode 1
  • VegetaSasuke0 Interviews
  • VegetaSasuke0's Prank Calls
  • LightHawkForce's Dragonball Z Abridged
  • NCProduction's Naruto Shippuden Abridged
  • Raz & Bullidom Game Parodies
  • Gohan Turns Super Saiyan 2 Fandub


  • Flamealchemist35 Has been on & off Hiatus Since November of 2009. Due to Home problems, he has been forced to put many of his projects on hold, as well as other issues outside of the abridging community. Hiatus started on January 24, 2010
  • Flamealchemist35 Has not made a Ben 10 Abridged Episode Since August 22, 2009, When he uploaded His Ben 10 The Abridged Movie Part 1 of the 3. He plans to finish the series with the next 2 parts, finally ending his 2 year legacy of making Ben 10 The Abridged Series
  • Flamealchemist35 often takes on roles that suit his personality, his most recent of course is the lovable Lord Death (Soul Eater Abridged By TheSEATeam) who has been known for cracking very funny one liners stealing the spot light as the shows top jokester


Flamealchemist35 has talked about quitting for a while now. He has almost quit twice, & has went on long period of Hiatus before too.