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Is the Alias of Andrew DeMaggio fromerly know as eXthMode and is the editor and one of the writers for TeamNakama's One Piece Abridged. As well as abridging he has worked on various media related projects including personalized openings and machinima

Abridged Series'[edit | edit source]

Before joining TeamNakama FishDragon was actually in charge of a group called EminentFailure which created the abridged series VanDread Abridged with Zombifaction. This series was cancelled after 1 episode and a holiday special.

After VanDread Abridged failed he started work with SerenityFrost on DNA2 Abridged which never got out of the planning stage.

Learning from his past failures he set about creating an abridged series based around the Dead Space movie. This too never made it past the planning stage and an intro.

After his third failed abridged series he started work on Captain Planet Abridged with many of the members of TeamNakama including Zombifaction, OmegaOptimusSupreme, Sabien and many other voice actors in the abridged community including Trixen, SerenityFrost. This series to would never make it past the finale draft of script 1.

TeamNakama's OPA[edit | edit source]

Fishdragon originally started as the editor of TeamNakama in 2010. After a dispute with Zombifaction over a woman he left his role.

In 2012 he contacted Zombifaction and the plan to restart TeamnNakama's OPA had begun. He is now the groups editor as well as one of the 4 writers for the series. He will possibly provide a few voices for the series as well, but nothing is set in stone.

Caiminds[edit | edit source]

Sometime in mid 1012, FishDragon responded to a post by Jamiethecomic on the Voice Acting Alliance forums for providing original content for a new website called In August, he released the first episode of a podcast series called The E.L.I.T.E.S., along with a cohost, Haruko Zala.

Voice roles[edit | edit source]

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VanDread Abridged Various Episode 1
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