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YaCrazyChannel (previously: hilzXadamXandXstuff)


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late 2008 - 08/30/2013




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In early 2008 brother and sister named on Youtube as Nisinator1 and Hilzabee started a parody called Final Fantasy X The Real Version featuring only one episode where Yuna talked to the people of Spira about hypello rights. Realising that this episode wasn't funny at all they nipped the series in the bud and even deleted the video off their combined account HilzXAdamXAndXStuff.

Then after watching other parody series such as Alternate Reality Dragon Ball Z, Yugioh Abridged, Naruto abridged and various others, they absorbed certain ideas and influences from these series until they figured out the direction they wanted to take for their own abridged series in late 2008 in the form of Final Fantasy X The Abridged Series. By February of 2010, HilzXAdamXandXstuff had created 20 episodes for the series, and had gained a loyal fanbase with at least a thousand views on pretty much every episode in their collection. It was just before the series reached the 10's in the episode count that some characters were starting to sound similar as there are only so many voices two people can do. Because of this new cast members were added to the series such as Deeemm13 staring antagonist and perverted character Seymour, xXSweetxNightmareXx staring Captain Lucile and Belgamine (or in this series The Great Belgaminge), ShotGroinProductions as Mika and Kinoc and let's not forget Redjacketalchemist as God in episode 9 and AliTietze as Yunalesca.

As the series progressed many running gags came into play such as Tidus (pronounced Ty-Dus in their series) complaning about the absurd concepts of the game, Yuna being the reject of the group, Kimahri being obsessed with cookies, and Wakka never failing to remind the gang of what they're about to do even though he's already done so a million times before.

After the termination of the hilzXadamXandXstuff youtube account, they decided to make remastered versions of the early episodes of Final Fantasy X:TAS, with updated script, voice acting and editing, releasing the first episode on November 16, 2010, on their new account, YaCrazyChannel. Originally, it was intended that the remasterd versions would cover at least episodes 1-21, as the quality begins to pick up from episode 22 and onwards, but due to the length of time it was taking to finish the remakes, they only reached episode 11, before deciding to simply upload the rest of the original episodes from 12-35. Episodes were reposted at about a rate of one episode per day between August 1st and August 24th of 2011, leading into the brand new episode, Episode 36, that was posted on August 27th of 2011.


  • Nisinator2 - Tidus, Auron, Wakka, Various male side characters
  • Hilzabeeee - Rikku, Yuna, Lulu, Kimahri, FOB, Jecht, Various female side characters
  • Deeemm13 - Seymour, Anima, Yu Yevon; Extras (ep. 1-7)
  • Foxtailed08 - Extras (ep. 3-9), Yojimbo (ep. 32, 38), extras (ep. 32, 37, 38)
  • ShotGroinProductions - Mika (ep. 11, 15, 28, 29, 37), Kinoc (ep. 16, 28, 29), Maroda (ep. 17), Wentz (ep. 21, 33), Cid (ep. 26, 27, 36, 37)
  • KingMuffinMom - Pacce (ep. 17, 26), Sin (ep. 16, 36, 38), Kelk (ep. 29, 33)

Guests Voices[]

  • SlightlyBaka - Jassu (ep. 5-8)
  • Firephoenixmon - Graav (ep. 10)
  • XxSweetxNightmarexX - Lucile (ep. 15-18), Belgamine (ep. 15, 18)
  • AliTietze - Yunalesca (ep. 20, 35, 36)
  • Deospawn - Sin (ep. 37)

Characters and their Traits[]

  • Tidus: Unlike the original Final Fantasy X game everyone refers to Tidus by his name instead of "that guy" but that's not the only thing different about him. Tidus's assholish behaviour is brought out a lot in this parody and tends to disregard other peoples opinions and ignore them when something interesting to him his happening. As this is Tidus's journey he tends to break the fourth wall to tell the audience how pissed off he is or how he's going to follow the red arrow on the minimap to get to the next destination even slagging off Square Enix when something in the game doesn't make any sense.
  • Yuna: Despite Yuna being the summoner going on an "epic pilgramidge" to save the world, she is the loser of the group often teased and told to shut up for no adequate reason at all. Yuna gets herself into a lot of trouble in the series such as getting stoned at the Kilika Cloyster of Trials angering the whole of Kilika Island, ruining Wakka's ingenious plan to kill Tidus and being at Maester Seymours perverted mercy. She also has no romantic feelings for Tidus at all as she is a lesbian!
  • Auron: Auron get's a thrill out of being the leader of the group often making it clear that he's in charge of the group and even dictates what battle music they should use when they're in a random encounter. He can also be optimistic and even had faith in Operation Mi'ihen working unlike the actual Auron who was fully certain it would be a fail.
  • Wakka: Just like Wakka in the actual game he tends to say "ya" after pretty much every sentence, even if it's "what the f**k was that ya?" Wakka's main running gag is pointing things out that have already been pointed out before in previous episodes, his most popular one being "hey look it's Luzzu and Gayface" Wakka is determined to pull Lulu in Final Fantasy X The Abridged series and is in competition with Tidus and even has a point scoring system going on to find out which one of them will score with Lulu by the series conclusion.
  • Lulu: Now we all know why Lulu was most likely Square Enix's favourite character to design and it's not because of her array of belts on her dress. Lulu's breasts are often on full display due to Square Enix's "accidental camera angles" especially when Tidus is looking at them with a pair of binoculars. Other than that Lulu tends to have Family Guy style flashbacks such as "this is almost as ridiculous as asking Lady Yunalesca's Meduca head for directions" (cue flashback!)
  • Kimahri: In Final Fantasy X The Abridged Series Kimahri is a mercenary who works for Yuna in return for cookies, as such Kimahri is quite possibly the only character who puts up with Yuna's annoying voice and crazy shinanigans. Kimahri's cookie fetish increases gradually as the series progesses making it so that everytime they arrive in a new place or have an intricate conversation, Kimahri always finds a way to relate it back to cookies.
  • Rikku: Although it isn't quite as emphasised in episodes 3 and 4, Rikku just like all the other Al Bhed is a drug addict! Rikku's drug addictions include of smoking moon lillies at the moonflow, eating magic mushroom rocks from the mushroom rock road, snorting crystal powder from the macalania forest and eating the hallucigenated Guado Apples.

Episode List[]

Season 1[]

Season 1 covers the segment of the game from the opening credits to the counterattack by Sinspawn at the end of the Mi'ihen Highroad. Episodes 1-11 of the abridged series received remastered versions from the originals. The original versions of the season 1 episodes were released beginning in late 2008, and likely continued through to late 2009. The original episodes appear not to have been individually named. Typical episode lengths throughout season 1 range between 5 to 9 minutes.

Episode 9 takes place almost entirely in a series of 8-bit video games using Final Fantasy X character sprites, ending in a short real-life insert music video about making a sandwitch.

Season 1 playlist

Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 - Blitzball It Is! Nov 16, 2010
Episode 2 - Sin!? Dec 6, 2010
Episode 3 - The Red Arrow Knows All! Dec 16, 2010
Episode 4 - Zanarkanadian? Jan 17, 2011
Episode 5 - Sin's Toxin Jan 24, 2011
Episode 6 - Let's Make A Bet! Feb 10, 2011
Episode 7 - No I mean I REAAAALY Like Girls! Mar 6, 2011
Episode 8 - The Sinspawn Is In Place! Mar 15, 2011
Episode 9 - Now That's a Sandwich! Jun 1, 2011
Episode 10 - Hi Mr. Propeller! Jun 15, 2011
Episode 11 - Someone Said They Saw Sir Auron Jul 26, 2011
Episodes 12-16 N/A

Season 2[]

Season 2 covers the segment of the game from the Djose Highroad to the defeat of Seymour Natus, and spanned episodes 17 to 31 of the abridged series. It is likely that season 2 episodes were originally posted from late 2009 to early 2010, but the exact dates are unknown. Typical episode lengths through season 2 are slightly longer, ranging between 7 and 10 minutes.

Season 2 playlist

Season 3[]

Season 3 covers the segment from the entry to the Calm Lands to the end of the game. For the abridged series, it also marks the beginning of a video quality update to widescreen. Episodes 32-35 were likely posted in early-2010, but the exact dates are unknown. New content begins with episode 36. Most episodes in season 3 are above 10 minutes in length, with the finale episode running extra long at 25 minutes.

Season 3 playlist

Episodes Air Date
Episode 32-35 N/A
Episode 36 Aug 27, 2011
Episode 37 Feb 27, 2012
Episode 38 - Grand Finale Aug 30, 2013

Plot Summary[]

The following plot summary applies to the original release of the episodes, and may not apply to the remastered version.

Tidus begins his what could be 30 episode long story by going back to the night sin took him away. Tidus is stalked by his loyal fanbase just before his blitzball match begins and even though swears at them they still hang around to hear his aweful joke. Tidus then begins his blitzball match against the Bevellian Bastards of whom "always win the war but they never win the ball". The Zanarkand Abes make swift work of the Bevellian Bastards and Tidus aims to finish the match in one ridiculously stupid looking technique before blasted by sin falling 100 feet and somehow surving the impact!

Tidus then teams up with unsympathetic friend Auron with his broken arm that isn't actually broken to fight against the laziest named villain ever... wait for it...SIN!!!! Yeah... Auron resorts to blowing up Zanarkand in order to ensure him and Tidus's safety after defeating sinspawn Ammes and gets sucked 1000 into the future via sins... "asshole!!?" Now in the temple of Bajj Tidus uses the red arrow on the minimap in order to find his way around, however he is interrupted by a giant fish and Auron following him around with a Cello.

After getting defeated by the fish which conviniently had a suction feature Tidus is trapped inside the temple only to have a pointless flashback and get into a battle with SPIDERMAN! Half way through the battle Rikku and her stoner buddies show up scaring Spiderman away and kidnap Tidus. Once Tidus wakes up he finds out that he's aboard a ship with a man in command who has a fetish for episodes being "short and sweet". Tidus has to work hard if he wants to get some screentime in and proves that he is the main character since he can dive 100 metres into the Ocean without deepsea pressure making his head explode without any scuba equipment.

Shortly after this, sin attacks the boat and Tidus is washed up onto the island of Besaid where he learns about the stupid religion of Yevon who's answer for anything obserd is "because of Sin's Toxin, that's why" Tidus and Wakka make their way through the impossible to complete Cloyster of Trials (lol) and find that Lulu and Kimahri have scribbled graffiti all over the walls as they have been so bored waiting for Yuna to...... find her missing penny.

Later that night the characters sing for she's a jolly good fellow and Tidus talks to Yuna for about 5 seconds before realising she's incredibly annoying and ditches her at the first chance he gets and goes to bed. Tidus is then woken up by a nightmare of Yuna's condom collection and performs a curtain magic trick to make it change colour when in FMV mode. He then listens in on Wakka and Lulu's conversation, Lulu explains to Wakka that the reason she has so many belts is because its to distract people from her oversized breast and Wakka then stupidly admits he'd being staring at them the whole time making Lulu leave in anger.

Tidus and Wakka then make a bet to see who can pull Lulu first, the prize being the biggest role in Kingdom Hearts 4. Wakka takes an early lead in the bet by perfoming better than Tidus in battle (with crap sound effects). Kimahri then shows up smelling cookies on Tidus who claims he doesn't have any cookies before Wakka tells Kimahir to leave him alone at least until they deport for Kilika. Wakka, Lulu and Yuna then explain that Kimahri is the way he is because his horn was cut off and "removing a Ronso's horn is like cutting off a humans penis ya!"

Soon enough the gang of 5 deport on a boat big enough for 25 for Kilika island in order to pray for victory in the up and coming Blitzball tournament. Oh and to get a powerful beast to aid Yuna in defeating Sin or something like that. Tidus equalises the score for Lulu by killing a giant jellyfish but then is forced to talk to Yuna when he'd rather be using the binoculars he stole to look at Lulu's boobs. Tidus uses the script he bought from irritating merchant O'aka to ask Yuna if they could cut the scene where they have to kiss, Yuna then reveals that she's actually a lesbian meaning "that means everyone's happy".

Sin then attacks the boat which is always ready for counter attacking with its trusty... harpoons =| Tidus the gang hold off sin for long enough for Yuna to do her first useful thing and summon Valefor using her lucky penny and vanquish sin, for now! Angrily Sin attacks Kilika Island killing countless innocent children in the process so Yuna has to send them all to the "Final Fantasy version of heaven" Wakka then comes up with a scheme to kill Tidus leaving Lulu all to himself by preparing a sinspawn for him to encounter after he wins a race up Ohalands staircase. However Yuna ruins this plan by being "clever and funny" and running up the stairs to where the sinspawn is forcing the gang to have no choice but to save her from the danger ahead.

After the talking sinspawn Genaux is defeated by the gang they head on to Kilika temple where they meet "The Powerpuff Girls" AKA Bickson, Graav and Abus and have a battle of "Yo Momma" jokes. Yuna ruins this by telling an awful joke prompting The Powerpuff Girls to leave and the gang to go into the temple where they have to complete the next "dark and dangerous" cloyster of trials (lol) in order to get the fire Aeon Ifrit. Much to Tidu's ignorance Wakka obtains the destruction sphere putting him back in the lead for the contest to pull Lulu, meanwhile Yuna gets stoned with the Fayth in the chamber and ends up turning Kilika against the gang.

The next day the group arrive in Luca for the Blitzball opening ceremony celebrating "Maester Mika's 500th errrm I mean 50th year as head Maester". Tidus brings the score for Lulu to 2-2 by telling all the people of Luca that Wakka uses Johnsons baby creame to treat a rash on his ass. Getting back to the plot now Tidus finds that he can't put his finger on Guado Maester Seymour's perverted and evil ways he is still shocked that Maester Mika's senile ways are the laws in place to run the world. Wakka explains that he wasn't always like that and that they should get ready for the Blitzball match. Wakka brings news that they only have to play two matches and that the first one is against the Al Bhed Psyches (which would be impossible to win since the goal keepers catch is at level 18, which is about ten levels higher than any characters shoot =S)

Yuna brings news that "someone said they saw sir Auron sitting in a cafe" but Tidus refuses to go and find him. Kimahri persuades Tidus to go by offering him an alcoholic beverage so the search for Auron begins! After a long serach in all the bars in Luca Tidus and Kimahri end up talking to some random Ronso whilst Yuna gets kidnapped by the Al Bhed. After Tidus and Kimahri are kicked out of the bar for fighting Lulu explains that there's "something sinister going on" once again pointing out the goal keepers absurdly high catch levels.

Tidus agrees to help Lulu and Kimahri find Yuna just this once while Wakka and the other Besaid Aurochs handle the Blitzball and soon enough they end up on a boat which they believe Yuna is on (which makes no sense considering they didn't see Yuna be taken on the boat in any way or form) and destroy a talking and swearing blitzball machine using a trusty crane and Lulu's lightning magic. Yuna also does her part in this battle by using her smelliest farts to bring the Al Bhed to their knees including the Gas Mask guy!! It is then revealed that Yuna is half Al Bhed but this explanation is short lived due to Tidus, Yuna and Kimahri needing to pee much to Lulu's annoyance.

Wakka once again takes the lead in the competition for Lulu by scoring the winning goal against the Al Bhed Psyches (with a shot that definately didn't have a power of over 18 to score against the insanely good goal keeper but ah well!) Wakka then goes on the bench to let Tidus have a go at playing Blitzball since Wakka didn't have time to "warm up to his workout tape ya". The Besaid Aurochs do very well in the match against the Luca Goers in the finals with the upper hand of 3-0 but the match is interrupted by a mass of fiends that Seymour "let into the Blitzball Finals so he could kill them all himself and look like the good guy"

While Auron, Tidus and Wakka fight a wolf, dinosaur and a Snerd (snake bird) Lulu wonders why her new weapon is a Cactus!? After Seymour summons the drunken Aeon Anima to kill all the fiends by winking at them (no joke) Tidus learns the truth from Auron that his even more assholish father is sin. Tidus believes him straight away but is still disgusted that he had to travel in time by shooting up his dads asshole. Auron then asks Yuna to be his guardian but only if he gets to be incharge of the group. Yuna accepts and so the party is now 6! Tidus and the gang then make their way to the Mi'ihen Highroad with its annoying music and neverending line of minor characters such as Rin, Shelinda, Calli and Belgamine.

After defeating a Chocobo Eater by playing a number guessing game where whoever guesses a number incorrectly has to take a step back towards the cliff edge, the characters borrow a chocobo and make their way to the operation Mi'ihen enterance at the Mushroom Rock Road. The characters unfortunately can't get in because the guard won't let them in and ddin't even let "that scholar bastard Maehen get through", however in Final Fantasy the timing of events is always perfect and Seymour arrives and allows them passage to get in.

The gang make their way up to the headquarters for Operation Mi'ihen where Kinoc expalins that they're going to hang a "Milipeed that they found on the Mi'ihen HIIIIIIGGGGHHHHROAD in order to attract sin and blow it to pieces." However sinspawn Gui escapes from containment and challenges the characters to a battle. Gui's Head is defeated by Lulu and Cactus but the Body claims to be the stronger counterpart until it trips over it's own feet.

Sin then shows up and demonstrates and states its awesomeness by turning bits of flesh that are blasted off it into sinspawns. After sin uses it's "Giga Mega Turbo Super Gravitation" attack to knock out all (including Cactus) but Yuna, Auron and Seymour (conviniently leaving 3 people for a Final Fantasy X valid party) Gui returns for round two but is defeated quickly by Seymours overdrive REQUIEM! Tidus chases after his father who's trapped inside Sin's body but is stopped by terrible swimming animation and so he returns to the surface.

The gang then proceed with the pilgramidge and make their way to the temple at Djose where they have to complete the devistatingly difficult Cloyster Of Trials (lol) in order to get the Lightning Aeon Ixion. After receiving this Aeon the gang are interrupted by the Great Belgaminge (amongst other minor characters of course) and are challenged to a PokeAeon battle Ixion vs Ifrit! Ifrit makes quick work of Ixion using Rock Smash, Flamethrower and Earthquake and so the characters make their way to the Moonflow where they have to cross by Shoopuff.

The hypello who is controlling the Shoopuff then starts singing a song that would be impossible to finish due to every verse having "99 passengers here on the Shoopuff" in it and is told to shut up by the gang. Yuna then asks where Cactus went and Lulu explains that he ran away off the set due to him only receiving 4th place in the Season 1 Highlighs vote. Yuna is then kidnapped by an Al Bhed and since Tidus and Wakka are the only characters who can swim for no other reason than lazy animators they go down to rescue her but only as a chance to compete for pulling Lulu.

Tidus and Wakka then have to not only destroy the machine with Yuna inside, but they also have to battle Yuna since she is under control by the machine, however since Tidus and Wakka don't care about her getting hurt providing she doesn't die, they show the Blitzball Machine no mercy. Tidus finishes the machine off with his "Underwater Slash of Doom!" technique and equalises the score for Lulu once again.

The characters then get off the Shoopuff and meet Rikku who admits to Tidus that she was inside the Blitzball Machine but has no idea how she even got in the machine in the first place since it's just full of Blitzballs. Since Wakka is the most stupid of the group the gang don't find it difficult to persuade him that she's not an Al Bhed even though she blatently is (and that's not just because of the drugs). One random encounter later they then make their way to Guadosalam where they are welcomed by a Guado named Trommel who speaks in a funny sounding Guado langauge.

Yuna knows how to speak Guado and translates for them ultimately leading them to Seymours house. While Rikku's getting high on the hallucinegenated Guado Apples, Seymour makes his appearance along with a virtual applause he had installed with the excuse being his lack of company. After a nifty 15 seconds later jingle the characters find themself in the Virtual Zanarkand 3010 game on the Nintendo Wii. After this they decide to go to the Farplane to visit their dead friends such as Chappu, Braska and Yuna's Mom. Shuyin is also there plotting his evil schemes. Finally the characters go to the Thunderplains to start the dangerous journey ahead.