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N oneshot

The creater of BRA(Bleach Random Abridged), FMA Random, and SAR(Sword Art of Randomness) and an amateur voice actor. Voices/scripts for other abridgers from time to time. A man who enjoys making others laugh. Sucks at spelling and is a decent singer.

His best abridger friend is Uchihan Hotshot

Has influenced youtube username Bacon8t0r and bakugancollectorcd1 into making their own abridged series.

Starting out[]

In 2009, he started his abridging/VA career with his 1st series BRA.  He was inspired by LittleKuriboh(who wasn't?) and due to the fact that at the time, there wasn't any good Bleach abridged series out on Youtube, Fanofstarwars decided to try his hand at it and see how it turned out. However, since he had little experience in editing, the 1st episode, though funny, failed due to poor editing and audio. 

Later years[]

He did not stop there, he continued his series for the next few years.(He would have had more episodes out if he wasn't so lazy though....) Eventually, he met many upcoming abridgers and VA's like Uchihan Hotshot, AnimeVoiceKiddo, Hellsdimentio/TheLostHarlequin, blakstar10, Tiymako, SaviorDragonFTW, ManatheDarkMagicianGirl, etc. 

He eventually started FMA Random in response to TheAnnoyingBadGuyz's Fullmetal Alchemist TAS, which he originally made for the sole perpose of trolling his friend Hotshot, but keeps it around as another series to make ppl laugh.

In 2013, he decided to make a Sword Art Online abridged series called SAR.

Roles in other abridged series.[]

Fullmetal Alchemist TAS by TheAnnoyingBadGuyz as Gluttony, Russian train jaker and random extras

Fandubs/Other non-Abridged roles.[]

Final Fantasy A Realm Retold as Blackburn, Greinfarr, various extras

Conscience Rebel by LenRinTwin as Xeno


  • When he first started out, he thought that the mic would blow up in his face.(lol) 
  • In every abridged series he ever auditioned in and received a part, that series was canceled soon afterward. However, this didn't happened if he was just given a part without an audition.
  • He is currently part of a Vocaloid group called Vocaloid MOFO'S.
  • Sang "Life is Like a Boat" by Rie fu with AnimeVoiceKiddo.
  • Currently making a DBZ fanfic called Dragon Ball Z SS.
  • "Everyone is crazy, it's just how much they show it." -- fanofstarwars22221