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Fake/Stay Night (Unlimited Blade Works)


DoktorApplejuce Abridged


March 2, 2016 - Ongoing




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Fake/Stay Night (Unlimited Blade Works) is an abridged parody of the 2014 anime Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, by DoktorApplejuce.

An abridged parody of Fate/Zero, called Fake/Zero, is currently in the works, as a prequel to Fake/Stay Night UBW, with many of the same cast members.


Writers: DoktorApplejuce, Wesley Ramsickel, Otaku.D Furiku
Editor: DoktorApplejuce

Writing for the first two episodes began in December of 2015, and the first official public casting call for the series opened up on January 6th, 2016. The release of the first episode was delayed several times due to many of the initially cast voice actors dropping out. The majority of the final line-up was cemented on March 25th.


Current Cast[]

Minor and Cameos[]

Former Cast[]

  • Angie Sarabia - Saegusa Yukika (Ep 0 old)
  • ElkaChan - Rin Tohsaka (Eps 0-2)
  • Evilas Deja - Ryuk (Ep 1)
  • Jessica Lynne - Kaede Makidera (Ep 0 old)
  • Makaio - Shinji Matou (Ep 0 old)
  • TOXINN - Shinji Matou (Ep 1), Gligamesh (Ep 2)
  • Syraphic - Ayako Mitsuzuri (Ep 0 old)
  • Rachel "Ryu" Pefferkorn - Saber (Eps 0-2)
  • Syraphic - Ayako Mitsuzuri (Ep 0 old)

Episode List[]

Episode Air Date
Episode 0 (Remake) - The Uncivil Servant August 30, 2017
FSNEpisode 1newnew
Episode 1 - The British Are Cumming April 11, 2016
NewFSNEpisode 2
Episode 2 - Stockholm Syndrome September 7, 2016