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Fairy Tail Abridged
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Episode 1

Fairy Tail Abridged is an abridged series created by YabbieHunters for the sole purpose of having fun. The series only managed one episode to date, with a second episode being in draft preperations and planned to be vocally recorded early January 2013. The second episode was never produced, so the series may be considered "Dead".


A budding young wizard, Lucy, finds herself swept into the world of Fairy Tail, a place where drunks sing, warriors need fixes of helium and where fighting is a day to day activity. She will meet friends, battle foes and find that nobody finds her sexually appealing.

Characters (Thus far)[]

Lucy (voiced by Lucygoose22) - A young stellar mage, Lucy was selected to enter Fairy Tail without little choice in the matter. Seemingly she has very little abilities that qualify her to be a part of a wizard's guild but she is determined to make friends, prove her strength and find herself a boyfriend.

Natsu (voiced by YabbieHunters) - Raised as a child by a fire dragon, Natsu has inherited his foster parents taste of destruction, believing many things can be solved if you beat them up. While he sounds gruff and daunting, that is merely due to a throat infestation that he refuses to get checked, preferring his new tone of voice to his original voice.

Happy (voiced by Bro-train) - A blue flying cat, Happy is the guild's mascot and it is he who decides who is worthy of joining Fairy Tail. Despite having such an important role in the guild, many see him as a nuisence and dissaprove of his constant knack of butting in where he shouldn't. He has a strong friendship with Natsu, mainly because finds the company entertaining unlike most.

Master Makarov (voiced by YabbieHunters) - The head of Fairy Tail, Master Makarov is revered as one of the strongest wizards alive. That being said, he is greatly effected by alcohol and often makes rash decisions while under the influence. He sees the members of the guild like his own grandchildren, and as such believes it is his right to mess with their lives as much as possible.

Erza (voiced by *currently unnamed*) - One of the strongest members of the guild, Erza wields swords in a deadly way. Yet enemies struggle to take her seriously due to her voice. While she was young, an evil wizard put a curse on her, making her sound as if she had been inhaling helium. Insulting her about such a topic can result in a pain worse than death.

Gray (voiced by Snowy Tobruk) - Also known as Stripper Mcgee, Gray grew up in the snowy mountains with his singing instructor. He feels that it is necessary to honour her memory by singing as often as possible, despite not being particularly good at it. Meanwhile his archrival Leon has won several karaoke championships, something that Gray wishes to challenge him for.

Mirajane (voiced by Snowy Tobruk) - The sadistic bartender of Fairy Tail, Mirajane holds no problem in scaring many of her fellow guild members wherever she sees fit. Little is known about her past or why her brother is the person that he is.