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Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood: Abridged
Created by An Untitled Abridger/ToNi
Run Jul 23, 2012 -

May 24, 2018

Episodes 50 + 1 Movie
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FMABA is short for Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood: Abridged, and is the name of an abridged series by An Untitled Abridger

This series currently has 35 episodes. It was An Untitled Abridger's first attempt at abridging, and as such the quality greatly improves as the series goes on. It was updated every week for 50 consecutive weeks, including fifteen remastered episodes (because the first 15 episodes were in standard definition, and even poorer in quality than the majority of the series). The series was completed, with the final episode (35) being uploaded to YouTube the week after episode 15 HD, but that episode got removed from YouTube due to a copyright claim.


The series uses two people to voice act the majority of the characters, ToNi and Speedchuck. There were four other voices in the series. One was a bit part in only the first and second episode, the second voiced Gluttony, Wrath (sometimes), and the Priest from episode 3. The third played Zampano in episode 24, and the fourth had a random extra.

The humor presented in the series, where it existed, focused on either inverting or exaggerating character traits from the original, playing up the attack-calling antics found in Shonen anime, or referencing itself mercilessly. The lack of expertise in editing, writing, and sound design eventually led some episodes into so-bad-its-good territory, and the lack of plot focus accentuated this.

Nearly two years after the series finished, the creator released an abridged video of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: The Sacred Star of Milos, and called it FMABA Abridged Movie: The Senketsu Star of Milos. The movie had the same spirit as the series, rushing through the movie with little semblance of the original plat and characters. The humor, finally branching out of the mold to *gasp* actually making fun of the movie, as well as referencing pop culture and improving upon the humor the original series had attempted. The video is especially notable for distilling the original movie down to less than 1/20th of the original length, literally abridging it to the max.

Some of the characters from this series appeared in An Untitled Abridger's newest series: Chaos;HEad Abridged, in episode five.


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