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This article is about the abridger known as Ezekieru.

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Abridged Series:

Code Geass: The Abridged Series (CG:TAS), SOUL EATER PARODY (SEP)

Voice Acting Roles:

Taekmkm's Gundam SEED Abridged (Sai, DaCosta), Sehanort's Bleachers: Shihakushō Ep. 3 (Hell Butterfly), TyrestGWA's Gundam Wing Abridged Ep. 13 (Alex)


In the beginning of Ezekieru's parody career, he joined a Naruto Abridged forum, having already partaking in watching various abridged series (Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged by LittleKuriboh, Naruto Abridged by Vegeta3986 and MasakoX, Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged by Lanipator, and Berserk Abridged by Hbi2k), befriended Knuckles235 and DarkFoxSS1, which got him determined to making a Code Geass Abridged, as he was a major fan of Geass even when it was showing in Japan. Due to DarkFox's broken mic, Ezekieru went to the VAA and recruited his first major voice actor, Mippa. Soon after the release of the English dub, Ezekieru released the first episode of CG:TAS, which ended up being one of the biggest failures Ezekieru has ever been involved in. Soon, after small discussions, he had Knuckles235 leave the group and went back to VAA to recruit more voice actors, recruiting Sukisho, Rashinban, BigTUnit1, and JCox. Well after the Episode 01 ReVamp, Sukisho left due to personal reasons, and his characters were quickly replaced by Rashinban. Since then, he has also recruited LordQuadros, Mirielle, Unwardil, Cassius614, Christine, and Zeix for voice acting.

All video and image editing are done by Ezekieru, and scripting is done with the help of Taekmkm, LordQuadros, and now with the help of SamTheGreek.


Code Geass: The Abridged Series (CG:TAS)[]

The very first multi-voice actor abridged series parody (as in more than two people voicing), Ezekieru recruited the voice actors to voice almost all of the characters in the series, with only one character being voiced by Ezekieru. Said character is duly named "Johnny Yong Grunt," made to spite the voice actor of Lelouch, Johnny Yong Bosch. Made for random characters and Britannia soldiers, Johnny painfully dies in every episode and is quickly revived in the next episode in order to repeat the process all over again. Due to his lack of voice acting, Ezekieru became quickly skilled in video editing, making openings and editing a few series' episodes whenever he had the chance. He also slowly began improving his writing style, always scripting with one person or another. Mostly Taekmkm.


Born after viewing Soul Eater: The Parody Series by Fauxnami, Ezekieru decided to try and make a parody attempt of Soul Eater after many of those involved were disappointed in the outcome. After recruiting a number of VAs, in which well-half of them are from the previous Soul Eater parody, he set out and released his first episode, which was well-received. The second episode was released recently; and after a long process of writing, the third episode is now in production. In this parody, he's the Laughing Sun, and creditied himself as the ever-so Silent Moon.


  • Some of his fellow abridgers do not like Ezekieru, some claiming to label him a "hack" writer such as TsubasaNoAMVPro.

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