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Ergo SymbolisMENT is an Ergo Proxy anime abridgement, created by corpDemon (his Youtube channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/corpDemon1and0nly). Like all other MENTs, the original plot is thrown to the wolves (who, apparently, have been starving for weeks) and characters' personalities are almost polar opposites.

This MENT is also very heavy (much to the creator's dislike) in referencing other (as the creator stated-better) MENTs and abridges (such as Re-L singing the Kuriboh Song or Raul doing a "Jeremiah Gottwald Trick" with an office chair).

Like many other abridged series all voices are done by the creator.


The symbolism part of the series name comes from the fact that the original anime is filled with symbolic event and images (such as Vincent's letter cereal reading different words symbolising plot development) and the creator thought playing jokes on the symbolic parts of the anime would help him make the original series seem silly. As of episode 3 the symbolism part is left entirely forgotten in favor of random jokes.


While the characters' names are left the same their personas and functions are thrown to the same wolves. That way, Re-L is not an intelligence bureau detective and one of two main characters trying to make sense of the events and define their views and standings (other being Vincent), but rather an immature, somewhat insane narcotics drug addict with occasional mood swings.

Vincent's character seems sane, yet he now received an out of place pseudo-british accent and is nowhere near the shy person he is in the anime. In the MENT he's in a sexual relationship with Re-L at least as of Episode 3. He's also the person responsible for infecting Pino with furryism. His Proxy alter ego is The Joker .

Pino's character is yet to be defined, as the MENT shows her to be a heavily augmented human (her own mother states she tried to make her "a female JC Denton"). Vincent accidentally installed "furry" drivers on her instead of HDMI drivers, causing her to become childlike and don a rabbit outfit. In Episode 2 she has a typically robotic voice, yet it is dropped in Episode 3 and is explained why in the stinger.

Daedalus, Puff Diddy in MENT, is no longer a caring young genius. Rather a sexist drug dealer and hip hop entusiast.

Raul Creed is a pseudo-jewish matzah obsessed man with an over-controling mother. As of Episode 4 his MENT name is currently is undisclosed.

Donov Meyer is now a "Godfather". His exact role is never explained. He has 4 talking floating statues that various characters make fun of.


Each episode follows the originals, but cuts them down from 30 minutes to around 6. Unlike many abridged series or MENTs, SymbolisMENT does not add anything to the video displayed (Episode 4 added onscreen text inspired by mattroks101's Baccano! Teh Abridges Series almost spam of onscreen text) and only the sound is changed or the scene order. The disclaimer is present only in the first episode and even that is part of a joke, since then it is referenced in later episodes. Each episode comes with a least one stinger at the end. Surprisingly, production bogs down almost completely when the sound recording part must begin as corpDemon has only very basic equipment and a very narrow window of opportunity to record. Sript for each episode is done in almost an hour and a half and video editing takes about 3 hours. Surpisingly Episode 2 that was uploaded (by mistake and was not taken down because of a youtube glitch) was the working version and was uploaded way before even the first episode. Episodes 3 and 4 came out still before Episode 2 could be redone.


Episode 1 : Characters are introduced and the fourth wall is still under construction. Guest starring Hitler.

Episode 2: Re-L is desperate for man attention and drugs. Bakura makes an (unapproved) cameo.

Episode 3 : Re-L tries to evercome her obsession with Vincent, who in turn is on the run from her. Roach makes an extremely short cameo.

Episode 4: Vincent's drug therapy by Bruce Willis doesn't go well and Re-L befriends a toilet.

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