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Epicly Abridging Gurren Lagann

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Epicly Abridging Gurren Lagann is the title of AnimeLawyers ' abridged series for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. The first episode was released November 4th, 2011 on youtube.


Starting Off[]

Those who watch and love abridged series, deep down, want to do one themselves. QuizGuru, the leader of AnimeLawyers, was no exception. At some point during March of 2011 he suddenly awoke to the urge to create one and then floated the idea for doing Gurren Lagann to one of the other AnimeLawyers, Cam (aka SilverEmperor). Then they started talking about some of the jokes they could come up with. At this point in time they did not confirm making the series, just talked about the idea. However, upon watching KaiserNeko of TeamFourStar's video on basic lip flapping, QuizGuru decided to try it out. He was pleased with his results and started to believe that they now had the potential to make something good if the took their time on it.

The Name "E.A.G.L.E."[]

Due to the number of attempted Gurren Lagann abridged series there are out there, the AnimeLawyers team agreed that a unique name was in order. QuizGuru and Cam bounced ideas back and forth. Some of the early and therefore unsufficient ideas were "Tengen Abridged Gurren Lagann," "Abridged Toppa Gurren Lagann," "Brotherly Abridging Gurren Lagann," and "Abridged Combining Gurren Lagann." As you can see, they focused on changing the first bit of "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's" name instead of simply adding "Abridged" at the end as is generally done. Eventually "Epicly Abridging" came up and it sounded fitting. Cam then noted that if you add an "E" then the accronym would be "E.A.G.L.E." And so that last E now stands for "Episode" for no other reason than to make the accronym.


They now had the name of their abridged series and the ability to edit one. Next was casting. In late March of 2011, QuizGuru got Toni (the number 2 of AnimeLawyers) on board to do Gurren Lagann. The three of them then started doing little auditions for Simon and Kamina. It was agreed that Toni would play Simon and QuizGuru would play Kamina. Cam was unfortunately unable to start doing voices until episode 4 due to his upcoming leave for vacation. The role of Yoko was given to QuizGuru's cousin who would come to be known as "YaoiGuru" (freakytlc on youtube). The last two cast members to join them at this time were blazedart00 (who did many extras for the first few episodes and was casted as Kittan) and Dr. Kanji (who plays Guame at the end of every episode). Shortly after Episode 4 of the series, QuizGuru lost contact with Toni and dropped him from the project and held auditions for his parts on TheAbridgedForums. After auditions closed, SilverZeke56, Shizuo Heiwajima, and MrSkoringo filled the spots after auditioning.

Scripting and Lines[]

With a cast ready for episode 1, it was time to start writing. At this point in time QuizGuru was the only writer (and would be until Toni became a Co-Writer starting episode 5). The first draft for script 1 was completed early April 2011. QuizGuru sent the draft to each of the AnimeLawyer members to edit/revise/suggest and was not finalized until early June. During Summer break; QuizGuru, Toni, and blazedart00 met together to do lines for the first episode. However the first 3 hours of their meeting was spent.... playing a children's card game... Duel Monsters... Simultaneously QuizGuru worked on scripting episode 2 as episode 1 was recorded in July.

However after the production of Episode 4, Toni would quit the team, leaving QuizGuruR to recast many of the roles to other people and to script the series by himself.

Completion of The First Episode[]

After the lines were all recorded, QuizGuru was left with the task of editing the episode. It was completed by late August followed by episode 2's completion early September. Episode 3's lines were finished recording but QuizGuru decided not to release anything yet because he wanted to be able to release them every 2 weeks for the first little bit. Instead, he created a trailer and posted it mid semptember to officially announce their series and would later release episode 1 at the beginning of November.


Epicly Abridging Gurren Lagann *NEW ABRIDGED SERIES*

Trailer #1

Cast List[]




*Editor, Writer, Co-Founder



Kinon (Special)

Yoko's Boobs



Tephlonx LordGenoime
YaoiGuru/freakytlc Yoko


Village Elder



Cam/SilverEmperor Maikou

Kiyoh (Episode 4 + Special

Kiyal (Episode 4 +Special)

Kinon (Episode 4)




For the first 4 episodes and a special the procedure for creating an episode was as follows:

QuizGuru would watch the episodes (pay attention to which scenes allow certain characters to talk so he knows who can say lines in a scene) and think about some jokes (no notes whatsoever). He then proceeded to write the script. After the first draft, he would send the script to the individual members for feedback and revisions. After the script was completed, members of AnimeLawyers would meet with QuizGuru (either as a group or individually one on one) to record their lines for the episode. Once all the lines were recorded, QuizGuru would begin to edit the episode. Scenes are not necessarily edited in order, usually the bigger more epic scenes are done first and lip flapping is saved until near the end. Sound Effects are done very last as QuizGuru believes them to be a big pain in the ass due to lack of access to good sound effects and the vast need to use them in the mecha anime. Upon completition, QuizGuru sends the episode to members and a selected few to evaluate the episode. If there are no complaints, it will be uploaded at the scheduled time as is.

Starting with episode 5, the production procedure will be changed in order to increase the quality of scripting and voicing.

Running Jokes[]

  • The names of the individual episodes (as in the original series) are all lines Kamina says at some point during that episode. In the abridged version, however, the title tends to be fairly random and raises questions of its use until seen in the episode. ex. "Try Sticking your Drill in it!"
  • Kamina constantly brings up being the main character of the show saying such things as "main characters never die!" where Simon is the actual main character of the series.
  • Kamina refers to all Gunmen as "Gundams" and whenever someone calls it a Gunman he corrects them accordingly. (This joke is retired in episode 3 when Viral explains to Kamina the difference. However, later in the episode Kamina once again refers to Gurren Lagann as a Gundam "because it has a head now")
  • Yoko refers to her boobs as if they were real (and that they can do things such as incrase her accuracy and detect lying) and at certain points they talk in unison.
  • At the end of each episode is a scene between LordGenome and Guame as a sort of side story.
  • LordGenome refers to Guame as "Armadilloman"
  • In the first episde LordGenome demands some Pizza Pops, to which Guame informs him that they are out and instead offers Bagel Pops. While LordGenome had no idea what those were, we find in episode two that he had grown to love them.
  • At the end of each episode, before and after the LordGenome/Guame scenes, Gurren Lagann-themed Motivational pictures are shown for transitions.
  • Kamina can apparently do inexplicable things such as blowing up Gunmen and shoot bullets out of thin air. This is to be explained only by his sheer awesomeness.
  • Dayakka is obsessed with boats. We don't know why.
  • Leeron is about 10x creepier.
  • In Kamina's dream upon seeing the skull wrist chain, a ghost pops up and scares Kamina, waking him from his nightmare. Since then, Kamina has feared skulls.
  • The three opponent's Gunmen in this episode are named "Gur," "Re," and "N" which, when put together, spell "Gurren" (Gurren is made from the parts of these three Gunmen).
  • Lagann is given a radio (which can play music and advertisements.)
  • Instead of shooting bullets, guns shoot nerf darts (Except the one Kamina shoots himself with)
  • The voice for Viral and the Narrator are exactly the same. This is explained but cut from episode 3 (instead being posted as part of the Deleted Scenes)
  • Viral can't comprehend how a human can operate a Gunman, Kamina points out the simplistic controls.
  • Gurren has a TV that can play anime.
  • Gendou Ikari from "Neon Genesis: Evangelion" is related to LordGenome in some way by showing up at his birthday party. Gendou Ikari also constantly decalres that he "does not love you" to everyone he speaks to.
  • Yoko likes yaoi and buys yaoi doujinshi
  • The combining scene for episode3 is actually taken from Gurren Lagann Parallel Works 2 (Where Lagann combines with Gur, Re, and N to form Gurren Lagann.)
  • Gendou Ikari believes that Guame is a Sandshrew.
  • The original episode 4 had terrible animation, and the abridged episode 4 had terrible lip flaps, editing, etc.
  • Kittan talks as if he was black.
  • Kittan calls other people racist from time to time.
  • Kittan and Kamina argue over who the main character is.
  • Kiyal can only speak with cat noises (subtitles appear as a translation).
  • Kittan had his own series "Kuro no Kyoudai King Kittan" that got cancelled due to racism.
  • EAGLE 04 is actually the 5th episode of "Kuro no Kyoudai King Kittan".
  • The combining scene for episode 4 is made to mirror the digixros scene for ShoutmonX3 from "Digimon Xros Wars". This, and the fact that Kittan's theme uses the Xros Wars' them, are due to ShoutmonX3 being an obvious reference to Gurren Lagann.
  • The Parallel Works 2 Video "Kittan Zero" is used for a special episode 8 of "Kuro no Kyoudai King Kittan" aka KKKK 08.
  • Many characters from KKKK 08 talksas if they were gangster.
  • Kittan refers to himself as the "Peanut butter jelly king".
  • In Kittan's show (and in episode 4 of EAGLE) the giant robots are called "Triblans" (Try-Blah-N).

List of Episodes[]

Image Title Aired On
Disclaimer BG
Episode 01: "Try Sticking your Drill in it"

November 4th 2011

Yoko Disclaimer
Episode 02: "Now I'm Gonna Bury It!" November 18th 2011
Episode 03: "I think I Could Die Now..." December 2nd 2011
Disclaimer by Sinistar1
Episode 04: "Before you watch it... Don't watch it" January 22nd, 2012
Special: Kuro no Kyoudai King Kittan Episode 08

April 5th, 2012

Episode 05: I Want My Money Back... August 1st, 2012