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Name Emi
Specializes in Programming, Server Moderation
Age 18
Location United States
Twitter Twitter
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Emi is a retired American abridger, voice actress (then actor), and writer. She has given up abridging but still participates as a moderator on The Abridgers' Lounge (AbLo) discord server. Her main contributions include bots and technical moderation.


Emi made her first video, a parody of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, for the Tenkaichi Ironman Budokai Abridgathon contest in 2016. All of the parts and technical roles were done by her and the video did not place among the top 30 entries. A sequel to the video was planned and partly finished but never released.

Later, she joined what would later be known as ABcom to discuss TIBA entries and be a more active member of the community as a whole. Emi was not part of the falling out between the server moderators and owner of the server but was offered a position during the period or reconstruction. This position was ultimately declined as she decided to join AbLo and leave AbCom.

Shortly after joining AbLo she gained what can be best described as a pseudo-mod position by agreeing to make a discord bot to be used on the recruitment board for PyrOMG. She later was offered a position on the mod team when they were looking for new members and was an easy pick due to her previous work with the server. To present she acts as the resident bot master and does technical work for the server. She also swears that she will make a new, better recruiting bot eventually.


  • Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Abridged (TIBA)


  • Emi is just the first 3 letters of her name, Emily
  • During her time at ABcom, Emi was removed from the server by PyrOMG due to his misunderstanding that the "Kick" command was for the server and not the current voice channel.
  • Her favorite color is pink (#FF00FF) and tries to get it put everywhere she can. The Bot role on AbLo is pink because of this reason.
  • She is the only non-bot to have the Bot role on AbLo (she gave it to herself because she made it pink).
  • For a part of her career she was known as Murp (a phonetic of the letters in "Mr. P" which she was called due to her difficult to pronounce last name) before she changed her name and online usernames to follow.
  • She really let down the several people she casted in the sequel to her TIBA entry, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Abridged, by never finishing it and is very sorry about it.