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[Eman Sdrawkcab] is a voice actor and writer for various abridged series, and fandubs.

Abridging Projects and Voice Work[]

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Manga Abridged[]

Writer/Colorist/Voice Actor
Characters: Police Chief, Poco, Wang Chan. Joseph Joestar, Mark, Mort, Mario Zeppeli. Enya Geil, Captain Tennille Imposter, Forever, J Geil, Hanged Man, Mannish Boy. Extras.

Devilman Manga Abridged[]

Writer/Voice Actor
Characters: Jinmen, Kensaku Makimura, Agwell, Ryo's father, Akira's father, Masstuff, Henry Kissinger, Rasputin, Extras.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Mangabridged[]

Writer/Voice Actor
Characters:Shinji Ikari, Penpen.

The Fatally Furious Adventure Series by Metabadd[]

Voice Actor
The Fatally Furious Adventure (Fatal Fury OVA Abridged) Extras.

Fatal Fury 2: The Quick Battle (Fatal Fury 2 OVA Abridged) Terry Bogard.

The Fatally Furious Adventure 3 (Fatal Fury The Motion Picture Abridged) Jubei, McButlerson and Gaudemus.

Cowboy Bebridged by Geeks Actively Making Entertainment[]

Cowboy Bebridged: Session 4 || A Cowboy Bebop Abridged Series

Cowboy Bebridged: Session 5 || A Cowboy Bebop Abridged Series

Cowboy Bebridged: Session 6 || A Cowboy Bebop Abridged Series


  • despite writing for a Cowboy bebop abridged series, they have said the original series has been overhyped
    • Though due wanting to get proper credit for co-writing, they renamed their creative project playlist from “things I voice in” to “things I am apart of” to include writing work
  • Their user name was a rush job on casting call club, coming up with it by spelling “name backwards” backwards
      • However the Eman part of their name was accidentally their real life nickname.  As E-man is what their father sometimes calls them, since their first name is Ethan and it starts with an E... it isn’t really that creative.
      • As for the Sdrawkcab part of their name, it is often ignored since no is sure how it should be pronounced, least of all, Eman themselves
    • Since their main method of communication is via discord, and their casting call club screen name is different to their discord name (ethandan), they have sometimes been credited by that as well.
      • The name is their first name Ethan and a shortening of their last name.
    • Along with the Final Fury abridged series, Eman has also voiced the character Terry Bogard in several comic dubs.
    • Upon their own account, Eman came up with the first devilman Manga Abridged joke.  Namely Ryo shouting “SECOND AMENDMENT” while firing a rifle, an off hand joke while watching the first episode of devilman Crybaby
    • In Phantom Blood, Eman was originally only supposed to play the police chief but due to Poco’s original voice actor dropping out, they picked up the role partly due to no one else stepping up and partly due to them wanting another role.
      • Though, it is somewhat funny as Eman actually found Poco in the original series annoyed and hated the character.  Causing them to question if they wanted to play him.
        • This hatred actually lead to him campaign for a joke about Poco becoming a cannibal, which later became canon to the abridged series.
    • While recording for Joseph Joestar in Battle Tendency episode 2, Eman wore a respirator during the scenes when the mask was put on Joseph.
    • The role of the impostor Captain Tennille was originally written as a parody of Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, but during the auditioning process, there was little activity on the role, so Eman auditioned with a Captain Kirk impression instead and ultimately got the role due to being the only audition.
    • Being a fan of films such as the Nightmare on Elm Street series and The Planet of the Apes series, Eman wrote references into part 3 to both franchises.
      • As well they eventually acted both out when cast as Mannish Boy ( Using a Freddy Kruger voice ) and The orangutan Forever ( Basing it on Andy Serkis’s Caesar )
        • For Forever, Eman asked for the role and was actually only used to record for when the ape spoke, but ended up doing most of the simian sounds in the final video.
  • Eman has edited and recolored some parts of the manga for JJBA, particularly Santana, Mariah and the Joseph used in the thumbnail Battle Tendency episode 3
  • in the credits to Battle Tendency, they are credited as Santana’s hair stylist as a joke.