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Name, Username, & Nicknames

Madison, Elphie6673 (Elphie Six Six Seventy Three), elphiefujioka, Alice.



"Relatives" (Not Really Related)

ZoidsBN0(Brother) AlKohaiVoiceActing(Brother) YusaiKtheWolf(Mommy)

Favorite Color

Green & White

Favorite Animal

Bat-Eared Fox

Favorite Book

Unwind by Neal Shusterman

Favorite Anime

Ouran Highschool Host Club

Favorite Abridgement

Naruto Abridged by MasakoX and Vegeta3986



Elphie6673 , known to some people as, Elphiefujioka, Alice or Madison, is a lesser known ametuar voice actress, but those who do know her love her nonetheless. With her innocent actions & kind spirit, Elphie will melt your heart & make you allergic to adorableness.

About Elphie6673[]

Elphie is best known for her Haruhi Fujioka voice which, in this user's opinion, rivals that of the original.

Full of energy & love, Elphie cares deeply for all of her friends & would never betray them. To those who hurt her friends, be prepared to feel her adorable wrath! Being the youngest isn't always easy, but it sure must be fun because she seems to enjoy it.

Elphie, like many internet nerds, was born a little different than everyone else, but she makes up for it with her enthusiasm & big heart. Don't underestimate her, because she's the grand finale firework that makes everyone cheer, unexpectedly awesome & pretty to boot.

She's fun to work with and turns in her lines on time. What more could a group ask for? 

Life & Times (Roles)[]

Elphie currently plays the main character, Hikaru Shidou in OneforAllMedia's "Magic Knights Middle-Earth".

She is currently cast as the spunky asian, Dragon kid in One For All Media's up & coming Tiger & Bunny Abridged.

She has appeared in an episode of Dance In The Vampire Bund Abridged as a maid named Nero, also known as maid # 3.

She was set to play Haruhi Fujioka in an Ouran High School Host Club Abridged, but sadly the project was canceled along with many other projects she was set to be in. One such project was Pokémon: The Rise of Darkrai Abridged. She was casted, surprisingly, as Darkrai. This project was cancelled due to uninterest by the majority of the group.