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Elfen Lied: The Complete Abridged Series

Elfen Lied is a graphically violent anime focused around a subspecies of humans called "Diclonius" who have invisible arms called vectors and horns on their heads. The Diclonius named Lucy escapes from the facility where she's been held, and is mistaken for a homeless girl after developing a split personality due to a head injury.

Lucy is taken in by the cheerfully moronic Kohta and his cousin Yuka (who suffers from fits of flashbacks and lost-time). Meanwhile, the facility launches a series of poorly thought-out missions to try and bring Lucy back, involving characters such as their top operative Bartoh (who only listens to the parts of mission briefings involving free food), and the upbeat, French-accented Diclonius Nana.


Written, directed and edited by disposable157 (with some additional writing by YDM Freshmaker), the Elfen Lied series is condensed into two parts. The complete series of parts 1 and 2 back-to-back was also uploaded at the same time as Part 2, with an overall run time of about 40 minutes. In general, anything considered to be too dark or depressing is either cut entirely or skimmed over quickly rather than trying to force comedy. One notable example is episode 5 of the anime being entirely skipped, including the character of the Director’s Son (Professor Kakuzawa). The Lucy and Kouta romance subplot is also mostly cut out.

Footage is all flipped horizontally as a precaution against copyright claims. Music and sound effects are typically obtained from freesound.org, with a few specific songs found on magnatune.com.


The cast list is presented at the end of Part 2 in the form of a music video that matches voice actors with snippets of their character lines and scenes.

  • Mike (disposable157) – Kohta
  • Adam W. – Kumara
  • Lilja W. – Lucy
  • Isla S. – Yuka
  • Absolute Pamplemousse – Amanda, Nana
  • YDM Freshmaker – Doctor, Kevin
  • Steve V. – Bartoh, Captain Badarse
  • Carol F. – Mayo, #35
  • Mel – Saitoh, Girl Scout, Kanae, Woman #12
  • Fanopeion - Under-Under-Director
  • Alex K. – Worried Man
  • Jenny – The Elusive Hummer

Episode list[]

Episodes Air Date
Part 1

(Episodes 1-6 of the anime)

August 5th, 2012
Part 2

(Episodes 7-13 of the anime)

March 22nd, 2013


  • There is a Directors Commentary for the series [1]
  • The voice cast is highly international, including members from Canada, America, Britain, Iceland, and Greece.
  • Mayo was purposely cut out of all of her scenes in Part 1, before disposable157 realized that she would be important in Part 2. He ret-conned this with an explanation that Kouta was ignoring her presence because he thought that she was a figment of his imagination.
  • The series was hit by a copyright strike on 23/03/2015, taking the complete video offline (although the individual parts and director's commentary are still accessible). The video was made available again on 18/04/2015 after a successful counter notification.

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