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This article is about Eflen Lied Abridged by BennettTheSage.

Elfen Lied: The Abridged Series
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23/07/08 - January 09




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Elfen Lied: The Abridged Series was created by BennettTheSage, who was also known famous for his video game reviews and 'Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre' hosted on That Guy With The Glasses website. His inspiration for starting his work was because "everyone else was making their abridged series" and that he felt the need to jump on the bandwagon. While considering it as a personal hobby, fans heavily praised his work for being very humourous.

At 09 April '09, BennettTheSage had announced that Elfen Lied: TAS had undergone on indefinite hiatus and apologies to all of his 1500+ fans who adored his work. His reasons were that:

  • His 11th episode for being flagged as inappropriate content because of an offensive Jew joke.
  • His humor is growing stale.
  • His fame is growing more popular on That Guy With The Glasses website.

All episodes have since been removed from BennettTheSage's Youtube account, leaving only episode 1 viewable online. Even though the work was abandoned, fans and subscribers still praised and supported him as a humourous person. In 2022 Sage had gone on to say that he still has the episodes on a hard drive, but that he refuses to ever post them due to the insensitive nature of the abridged content.


Intros []

From episodes 1 to 3, this intro uses the original opening theme "Lilium".

In episode 4, the opening uses "Radical Dreamers ~ Without Taken The Jewel" from Chrono Cross with the opening entirely changed, still re-using clips from the original opening.

From episode 5 onwards, the opening uses the Saint Version of "Lilium" with the opening entirely changed again, still re-using clips from the original opening. Not only it has been used for the opening but it has also been used within emotional moments on an episode to create a more heavier & serious mood to the abridged series.

Endings []

  • Alice in Chains: I Stay Away (Episode 1)
  • Great Big Sea: Ordinary Day (Episode 4)
  • Metallica: Master of Puppets (Episode 6)


Episode 1: NSFW


All characters were voiced by BennettTheSage. Bando was favourite character (and therefore one of the most difficult for him to voice-act), and was given an accent similar to a Southern Redneck.

Common Themes[]

Nudity Censorship (his sole reason for abridging this series) []

Elfen Lied- TAS censorship (1)

The first use of censorship

Since this was one of the most sexually explicit and a very graphic anime to ever hit Japan, it was almost impossible for BennettTheSage to post the abridged series with full uncensored nudity. To avoid violating Youtube's Terms of Use and having his account suspended, BennettTheSage took the liberty to censor particular scenes in the abridged series that include nudity (counting the opening). This not only solved the problem but it also became a recurring theme in the abridged series, starting from Episode 1 with the opposed censored box "Youtube: Broadcast Yourself" to cover the nudity. Mostly, the main protaganist 'Lucy' was the main culprit of full frontal nudity, as compared to the original anime.

From Episode 8, the opposed censored box was edited and changed to "CockBlock: Because We're Douches", still keeping the Youtube's box theme.

Actual lines from the Dub []

This recurring theme was only used twice in the abridged series. The reason why though was because BennettTheSage felt that it "didn't work out that way", as explained on his first commentary episode.

Plothole pointers []

This recurring theme was used commonly in this series and was first introduced in the first episode to describe the door exit as a 'convenient plothole door'. However, BennettTheSage was not quite sure if it was a plothole or not and that it was because he didn't thouroghly explain it. More examples of this theme includes:

  • The sudden disappearance of Yuka at the hospital (Episode 3)
  • Sending a Diclonius to look for another Diclonius (Episode 4)
  • Kurama telling Nana something that she knows apparantly (Episode 4)
  • Mayu figuring out Kohta's phone number (Episode 7)
  • Kohta questioning why bringing Nyu to school isn't a good idea (Episode 8)

This theme also became one of Nyu's learning words in Episode 8 where she responds: "Plothole!" to Kohta.

Memorable One Liners[]

  • Dear God, did these guards drink nothing but kool aid?
  • Those aren't shells, those are rocks dipshit!

Lost Series.

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