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Electric Anime Batman is a Darker Than Black Abridged created by mattroks101


Work on Electric Anime Batman or EAB began in October of 2011, but as it was side project and intended to be a oneshot not much work was put into it and what work that was was really sporadic. It was eventually completed in January and episode was met with huge success. So much so that work on an episode 2 soon began.


Electric Anime Batman is a parody of Darker Than Black. It's name came from the fact that Mattroks didn't want to call it "Darker Than Black Abridged" because that name sounded to generic, and he didn't want anyone getting made at him for stealing their name. The show mainly relies on fast pace and silly characters, and does not follow the plot of the original.


Episode 1 was made in Sony Vegas Pro 8, but Matt eventually moved to Pro 11, and after it continually crashed on him, he moved once again to Sony Vegas Pro 10. He used a Red Samurai USB Microphone for the first 3 episodes, and then switched to a standard Guitar Hero Mic for episode 4, after ther Red Samurai broke; he Audacity to record. Production on this series was very slow as Matt did not see this as his main series and therefore, not a priority. He produced episodes very sporadically until eventually he stopped in September of 2013.


The first 3 episodes do not have titles.

Episode Air Date
Episode 1 1/06/12
Episode 2 3/25/12
Episode 3 12/10/12
Episode 4 - I'm Giving These Episodes Titles Now 5/16/13
Episode 5 - This Episode Comes After 4 6/16/13
Episode 6 - I forgot to title this one 9/07/13

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