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This article is about the voice actor & parody artist formerly known as EdricODoom. EdricODoom was known for doing Dragon Ball Z Parodies & the Pokédubs series with Chromegloss55. His alternate screen name was Mr.FailGame, which was his more well known screen name due to the popularity of his "Let's Play" series'.


He started out doing parodies of various shows & anime, though the Dragon Ball Z ones were the first to catch on for him. He then entered an abridging atmosphere with the Pokédubs series, based on the Pokémon anime & co-created with Chromegloss55. It featured heavy Pirates of the Caribbean references, with Pikachu being directly based on Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp). While he admits that Sparrowchu was made out of pure randomness by himself, he takes none of the writing credit.

Edric later decided to drop out of the series because he didn't like the aura it was giving off, & it was affecting his friendship with co-creator Chromegloss, though he also admitted that his alcohol abuse & Chrome's relationship with Maria (MsDBZBabe) along with 1KidsEntertainment had already ruined it. Another reason he wanted to retire from the scene was simply due to the fact that his interest in it had dwindled because it felt more like a job than a hobby.

Projects & Appearances[]

Main Projects[]

  • Pokedubs - Jack Sparrowchu, Ash, & Extra's.
  • EdricODoom's Dragon Ball Z Parodies.

Guest Appearances & Side Projects[]


EdricODoom has a long history of being involved with the abridged & parody communities. He was a big supporter of The Sagas Council in it's early days, & even noted briefly that he was friends with HN5353 & VegetaSasuke0, & when they put out their infamous "Abridging Is Dead" video, he supported them 100%, despite not showing it in the comment section (which happened to be very negative), he was even considered an unofficial member of The Sagas Council by both VegetaSasuke0 & HN5353 due to the support he had given them in their time of making parodies. He was also friends with Chromegloss55, up until episode 4 of Pokedubs, things mostly changed due to creative differences with the character & Chrome's thoughts on his lines & the way they were being recorded. Edric was also noted for being in a couple of parodies on the sidelines, most noticeably IAmKitsumi's Blade Of The Immortal Abridged episodes one & two, as well as episode one of Naruto Sagas.


On September 9th of 2013, EdricODoom passed away after a long battle with alcoholism (the main reason due to a mix of liver failure & pneumonia). Doctors had recommended six months alcohol free before he could get a liver transplant, & in response Edric decided that he wanted to go out on his own terms. Edric had been drinking heavily since he was about 23. He had been apparently drinking roughly 30 beers a night by the time he finally listened to his doctors & attempted to quit drinking. Despite the attempts of quitting, the damage had been done to his liver, he was on the donor list but had caught pneumonia before he could be approved, & due to the combination, it was unfortunately too late for him.

There were few public tributes, but The Sagas Council were a few of the people who gave various mentions for the fallen friend in their videos.

To this day, most of the community have not seen Edric's face, as he has kept his real life & online life separate (though pictures had been posted previously on his wife's facebook, along with a long message that stated his passing).

RIP EdricODoom you will be missed. - The Abridged Community.

Friends & Acquaintances[]

Edric had many friends & acquaintances in the community as he was well respected in the community. The list is as follows:


  • A good portion of his videos were edited in Windows Movie Maker.
  • Edric was a Youtube partner on his "MrFailGame" let's play channel.
  • Was the second abridger known to have passed away.