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Driatan17 is an amatuer voice actress and an occasional creator of some one-shot abridged series. She is known for her wide range of different voices, most notable for pulling off young girl or boy voices, as well as seductive characters.

Ever since joining Youtube in Feburary of 2012, she has been cast in an abundance of Abridged Series and Fandubs. These include projects by AimiHime, 6SeptaG, PowerpuffOldandZfan, the awesomelypossible and KittyKyun to name a few.

Her biggest project to come is a fandub of the Fruits Basket Manga. This project is still in the works, but Dria has assured others that it will be underway soon.

She has since relocated to her newest account: DriatanVA.


  • LittleKuriboh
  • Vic Mignogna
  • Sandy Fox
  • Jamie Marchi
  • Jād Saxton
  • Stephanie Sheh
  • Alex Cazares
  • Yuri Lowenthal


  • Fruits Basket Manga Fandub - Creator and Voice Actress
  • Durarara Parody 1 - Creator and Voice Actress
  • Kannagi Abridged One-Shot - Creator and Voice Actress
  • Sankarea abridged - Creator and Voice Actress

Projects Involved In[]

  • Powerpuff Girls Z Abridged by PowerpuffOldandZfan (Voice of Blossom, Bubbles and Sedusa)
  • Maburaho Abridged by 6SeptaG (Voice of Yuna)
  • Sonic Abridged OVA Movie by PowerpuffOldandZfan (Voice of Tails and Sara)
  • Ranma 1/2 Seriously Abridged by LegionofRedHeads (Voice of Kasumi)
  • Dominion Tank Police Abridged by DoTaPoAbridged (Voice of the Puma Twins)
  • Venus Versus Virus Abridged by PowerpuffOldandZfan (Voice of Lola & Young Lucia)
  • Devil Hunter Yohko Abridged by TeamChibiko (Voice of Yohko)
  • Infinite MENT by Runawaytourist (Voice of Free Dert)
  • Saber Marionette K Abridged by theawesomelypossible (Voice of Cherry)
  • Angel Beats Abridged by Inuyasha2568 (Voice of Yui)
  • Love Live! Sunshine!! Abridged by StrawberrySana (Voice of Mari Ohara)
  • Glitter Force Doki Doki Abridged by PowerpuffOldandZFan (Voice of Mackenzie/Glitter Spade)
  • MOUSE Abridged by xAimiHimex (Voice of Kakio Hazuki)
  • Save Me! LOLlipop Abridged by KittyKyun and PowerpuffOldandZfan (Voice of Nina Yamada)


  • Dria is known by her friends to be cooky, hyper-active and bubbly most of the time.
  • Dria's username is a combination of her real name and her favourite number, 17.
  • Dria is quite a big fan of Ecchi Animes and Hentai. She is also a big fan of Yaoi.
  • Dria first started doing voice work by impersonating and reciting characters in front of her parents, when she was young.
  • Dria's favourite manga is Mistress Fortune.
  • Her warm-up methods for doing voice-over work include Dr Pepper and Peppermints.