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Dragon Ball WTF is an abridged series created by lloydSSJ4, and is based on the Dragon Ball And Dragon Ball Z anime. Unlike other DBZ abridged series', that start from episode 1 of Dragon Ball Z, WTF starts at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament Saga of the original Dragonball series.


Dragon Ball WTF started as a series of short dubs on YouTube, created and voiced solely by lloydSSJ4. After a short while, he casted Kingofwisdom and galeforce3192, to play roles that he struggled voicing himself. After some inactivity, he was approached by Dbzuploadz about turning the dubs into an abridged series. As of now, they have made 3 full length episodes, which were met generally with a positive reaction.

As of October 13th 2010, DBWTF has moved to it's own channel

In February 2011, After months of inactivity and sluggishness of the production, Lloyd decided to reboot the series by releasing the cast and trying a new release format. Episode 4 will be the last episode of the original format before he starts work again.

New skits have already started appearing, In the form of the mini-series "Krillins Tense Moments"

Cast List [Old Format][]

This section notes the cast from the tournament saga period of DBWTF, before the reboot. It should be noted, that the current version of Episode 1 on YouTube differs somewhat to the original release.

galeforce3192 could not take part in the second episode due to poor recording conditions.

sjspunisher was replaced for episode 3 due to being over the deadline for recordings.


Mercenary Tao






Narrator (Original Episode 1)

Master Roshi (Original Episode 1)






Tien Shinhan

squallhighwind Son Goku
simplyserene Bulma



Sean Basinger Narrator

Bulma (Episode 1)

Chi-Chi (Episode 1)

Launch (Episode 1)


Narrator (Remixed Episode 1 & Episode 2)

Referee (Episode 2)

Also Featuring:[]

  • HonestDiscussioner as Master Shen (Episode 2)
  • MrXPresents as "Speaker Guy" (Epsiode 2 & Episode 3)
  • Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson (Voice Clips) as Master Roshi (Remixed Episode 1 and Episode 2)
  • ChadVision  as  Evil Launch (Episode 3)

Videos (April 2011 Onwards)[]

lloydSSJ4 has since moved the series back to his own channel, but some of the old cast, as well as new faces do still make appearances, which are listed.

"Krillins Tense Moments"[]

  • KingofWisdom as Krillin

"We're Out Of Daipers!" (Krillins Tense Moments 2)[]

  • KingofWisdom as Goku
  • Lindo Korchi as Vegeta


lloydSSJ4 Edited and Mixed episodes 1 and 2 using Pinnacle 12 Ultimate, Adobe Photoshop, and Audacity. He has since started using Sony Vegas 9. Some of the videos are partially edited by DBZUploadz, who uses Sony Vegas, Adobe Photoshop and Goldwave.

Opening Theme[]

The theme music for Dragonball WTF is a shortened version of Eternal Sacrifice, used in some FUNimation dubs of the Dragonball Z movies.


The humor has been described by lovelaughterandjosh as "rude and harsh". lloydSSJ4 openly admitted in the conversation to the writing being dirty and having many sexual, and stoner related jokes. However he pointed out some of the more subtle jokes, such as the satire on the fans for their overly harsh criticism's about FUNimations Orange Box Sets.

Running Gags[]

  • Piccolo wants to claim a FIAT from Goku as compensation for his fathers death
  • Goku would look better with a Turban
  • Goku thinks Chi-Chi is his landlord
  • Vanilla Ice music
  • "66 Times in the same place!"
  • Krillins Tense Moments

Hip Hop[]

lloydSSJ4 has made several video's where he performs his raps whilst in character. these include "Z-Rap", Which is an extension of the original verse he made as "The Vegeta Rap", and it's sequel The Z-Rap 2 (Frieza Diss) . There is also the DBWTF Episode 2 Announcement video, which features 4 bars from each member of The Ginyu Force, including Burter, who was voiced by DBZUploadz in said skit.


  1. Dragon Ball WTF Episode 1 (Turbans and Tribulations)
  2. Dragon Ball WTF Episode 2 (Toei Animation Strikes Back)
  3. Dragon Ball WTF Episode 3 (Turn of the Plaintiff)

Original Dubs[]

The sketches lasted anywhere from 20 seconds to 2 minutes and were more or less retelling certain scenes in the Dragonball Z anime with a comedic twist. Originally, lloydSSJ4 provided the voices for Tien, Yamcha, Piccolo, Krillin and Goku. shadowcrimsonwolf also provided the voices for Kid Gohan, Kid Goten and Kid Trunks.

On March 31 2011, lloydSSJ4 put together a collection of these videos entitled "Pieces". Some videos are missing from the collection, including "Krillin calls Gohan", and "Tapion Summons Porunga"


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