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Dragonball GT Abridged
Created by OmegaGroupGT
Cast ChromeGloss55


Run 2009-?
Episodes ?
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Toei Animation Scare[]

During the Summer 2009 Toei Animation scare with the deletion of TeamFourStar a lot of Dragonball related videos on youtube were deleted. To try to avoid they're videos from being deleted Martialmichael126 had set ALL their videos to "PRIVATE" to try to save the videos but to no avail.

The Great Loss[]

Between the time of the Toei Animation Scare and December 2009, OmegagroupGT suffered a huge blow. Martialmichael126's computer went and was unable to edit the series. Kitsunetails8 was up for the challenge of editing the series temporarily with the use of only "Windows Movie Maker" However this did not occur as he soon lost the audio on his computer.At the same time OmegagroupGT lost contact of one of they're members: aoao15. The other members tried to contact aoao15 but to no success. It turns out that aoao15 was ill for a while and ended up leaving OmegagroupGT. After a month of personal auditioning a new member was chosen to fill in for the voice of Pan. BethnZolo4Eva was chosen to voice Pan on December 18, 2009. On January 14,2010 There another tragady occured with the loss of yet another pan.



Current Cast[]

Former Members


Episode list[]

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account was deleted. According to his channel he claims to have been Banned more times than LittleKuriboh. He says that it has been 28 times. So from the first few episodes the intro it shows that name. He is also not afraid to show his idiotic side, his only hate is seeing "Chiyo-chan crying"

  • ChromeGloss55 tends to do random and funny sketches around mostly Vegeta.

He is also involved in the new Pokemon series called "Pokedubs"

own Abridged Series known as "Detective Conan Abridged".

  • Aoao15 is a talented voice actor who has worked on numerous

different voice acting from "Excel Saga TAS Parody" to "Digimon Frontier Abridged Movie".

  • Leana9101 is a big fan of "Code Geass". Also to be

claiming Gluttony from "FullMetal Achemist" to be their hero.

  • DoctorChibi740 seems to be a big fan of anime. Known hobbies are nime,

Manga, Music, Writing, Tennis, Football, Drawing, Yaoi , Mixing music, Video Games, Japanese Culture, Photography, & Hanging out with friends. Don't make Kira a sad panda!

  • DaimoPiccolo is seemingly the only member of OmegaGroupGT that does not

have a number in their name. Other works include: Kid Gohan and "Freza-Zettoteam DBZ abridged" Kid Gohan-"TeamKaioKen".

  • EvilChicken25 the big bird of the group if you excuse the term. He's the

Cock of the walk. OK skipping the puns. He is an ingenious voice actor who voices not only his own series but his own series'. His other works are Cyber City the Abridged Trilogy, & Gargoyles the Abridged Series.

  • BethnZolo4eva Claims to be helplessly addicted to writing stories and

video games (specifically anything Nintendo and a few PS2 games). Is also a big fan of anime/manga, as well as the Namco Tales games.