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Dragon Ball Z: The Real Abridged
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skins2153 & Thumbswayup


Early 2007 - April 2009





Dragon Ball Z: The Real Abridged series is a crude and sarcastic retelling of DBZ that takes almost every opportunity to stray from the original plot. In that sense, it has more in common with the MENT type of abridged series than the more "standard" abridged form of Yu-gi-oh the Abridged Series.

WARNING for severe profanity and mature situations in this series.


Dragon Ball Z: The Real Abridged was one of the first series based on Dragon Ball Z, created one year before the more successful Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z Abridged.

In a post on the forum SmashBoards.com, Thumbswayup gives the following summation on the history of the series:

"About a year ago, skins2153 and I got tired of all the godawful dbz abrdiged series out there and decided to make our own. Though our first episode isn't amazing, it was widely regarded as being better than everyone else's. Our ep 2 was hailed as a towering achievement over the first and was superior in every way. Ep 3 was met as a decent ep with it's moments. And then.....Ep 4 blew everyone away. There has not been one negative comment on it and everyone who sees it begs us to come out with ep 5 soon." - May 12th, 2008[1]

The release date of episode 5 was originally set to be August 15th, but got pushed back several months for rewrites. The episode is 21 minutes long (more than twice as long as episode 4), and was originally released to youtube in 3 parts.


After its release, episode 5 appeared to be the most successful of their work yet, but the series then ended indefinitely, due to one of the voice actors being diagnosed with cancer. The channel where the episodes were hosted, skins2153, was later taken down from youtube for copyright infringement.

However, as of December 2010 the episodes can still be found on the Boxofdanger.com due to MasterWGS being a great fan of the series and wanting to preserve it online.

In 2011, a fan named uploaded the series under the name superskins2153 on youtube after skins2153's channel was taken down, although the episodes were modified slightly. The episodes have since been deleted from youtube.


No full cast list was released for the series, but Thumbswayup did provide a list of characters that he voiced in episode 5 [2] (used to guess the roles voiced by skins2153).

  • Thumbswayup - Radditz, Vegeta, Krillin, King Kai, Master Roshi, Captain Ginyu, Jeice, narrator, announcer, extras
  • skins2153 - Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Frieza, Bulma, Korin, Recoome, Burter, Guldo, Others


Episodes Air Date
Episode 1

(Episode 1 of DBZ)

Early 2007
Episode 2

(The fight vs. Radditz)

Episode 3

(Goku's training and the fight vs. Vegeta and Nappa)

Episode 4

(The first half of the Frieza saga)

Dec 9th, 2007
Episode 5

(The Frieza saga through the fights vs. the Ginyu force)

Apr 3rd, 2009

Abridging Style[]

Other abridgers have described the style of Dragon Ball Z: The Real Abridged (mostly referring to episode 5) on the toonzone.net forums:

"Even if you find something terrible, when they scream it in your face with such conviction and cynicism you can't help but get drawn into the satirical tone. They single-handedly bash every single shortcut to cheap laughs that abridged series use, and it couldn't be funnier." - LordMoonstone - March 4, 2010 [3]

"Though admittedly, the script isn't the most 'brilliant', their delivery, comedic timing, and outright trollish attitude towards parodies in general...every time I watch this, it just gets funnier." - Master WGS - March 4, 2010 [4]

Running Gags[]

  • Fights are abandonned/put on hold in favour of making movie reviews, watching anime, quitting and becoming a main character in another anime...
  • Gohan rarely speaks. No one wanted to voice him.
  • The Ginyu Force are the members of an American Football team.
  • There are a few subtle points where jokes made are similar to ones used by TeamFourStar (ie. Piccolo is called "Big Green". He is not impresssed.)
  • Scouters = cellphones
  • Warnings for a lot of Rape as Comedy in episode 5