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Dragon Ball Z Abridged (West City Studios)


June 15, 2021 - Present





DBZA by West City Studios is yet another continuation to TeamFourStar's DBZA into Buu saga, so far only 3 episodes were made, but unlike the Sensu dubs version, it features pigtail Videl in an bigger role (It also uses Cha la Head Cha La as an intro song)


New Characters[]

  • Goten aka Go for Ten aka Tiny Kakarot : Goku's and Chi-Chi's second son, named after Chi-Chi's sexual advice to goku. He is voiced by LordMeme
  • Unborn child of Gohan and Videl : The child in Videl's belly after she did sex with Gohan during their training
  • Marron : The child of Krillin and Lazuli
  • Pikkon : The outerworld tournament fighter, he serves no purpose to the plot (according to the narrator). He is voiced by Vegablonde
  • Erasa : Gohan's classmate, she finds Gohan cute. She is voiced by SAWDOG
  • Sharpner : Gohan's classmate, he doesn't believe that Gohan is the same badass Gohan was when he was 11. He is voiced by Vegablonde


  • Abridged Goku voices Goku in this abridged series, he's known in imitating MasakoX's Goku
  • The part "Sparking" in the intro is replaced by The Mask's "Smoking"