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DBZA is an continuation of the original DBZA. Starting from 26 September 2020 made by Sensu Dubs.

Sensu Dubs took over when TFS left off, so his first episode is 61, he's currurently at episode 63

New characters to DBZA[]

  • Jamaine - An german dude, who has an crush on great saiyaman
  • Goten - The second son of Goku, once hears his best friend's (Trunks) lines as blah blah blah, like his father heared Vegeta


  • The theme song was replaced (obviusly) from Cha la head cha la to Rock the dragon
  • Goku scores 9999 points in the punching machine, which is either his dad's power level before he died, or his english dubs' power level againts Nappa
  • Before Lazuli hits the punching machine, Krillin tells her to use the safe word "Popo"

Creator's channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3T-bkYn_IyQsdhFhiBD5WA/videos