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2008 - present





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My Name Is Mircea Inc., Abridged Brothers, FullMetalAbridgers

DrMircow (also known as Dr. Mircow and Mircow) is an abridger, voice actor, editor, scripter and director. He is the founder of My Name Is Mircea Inc. and co-founder of Abridged Brothers. He is the brain behind Batman: The Abridged Series and its spin-offs. He is also known for his solo abridged projects, including Men In Black: The Abridged Series, Spider-Man: The Abridged Series, The Adventures of Tintin Abridged and the mini parody series Green Lantern In, where he voices all the characters. His most recent work is the brand new abridged one-shot, The Room Abridged. Furthermore, he provided voices for abridged series by other abridgers; for example, FullMetalAbridged. He does all of these as a hobby.[1]


My Name Is Mircea Inc.[]

Main article: My Name Is Mircea Inc.

DrMircow founded My Name Is Mircea Inc. in 2008 to upload his own videos on YouTube. By that time, he was best known for The Irate Mircea Show (a parody show on Irate Gamer) and his own mini video game entitled The Spook's Apprentice: The Video Game (based on the book with the same title). Various other videos were uploaded as well on the channel by him. Since it was founded, the company went through many hiatuses.[2] Those hiatuses varied from weeks to months, but in March 2011, DrMircow rebooted My Name Is Mircea Inc with brand new projects and started focusing more on abridging rather than general parody videos.[3][4][5]

Abridged Brothers[]

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DrMircow is one of the co-founders of Abridged Brothers and the brain behind all the projects. He is the lead writer, editor and director of all the videos. This may also explain the reason why he has less voice roles than the other team members. Batman Beyond: The Abridged Series won the first place in a local film festival in Oklahoma in 2011; he was very proud of the award. [6] [7] Undoubtedly, this collaboration is the most successful one he has been in yet, exceeding all his expectations.


Main article: FullMetalAbridged

DrMircow was requested to voice in Helix341's collaboration project, FullMetalAbridged, as a long-term voice guest; along with fellow Abridged Brother, agunemon589.[8] DrMircow was featured in two episodes before the series was mysteriously cancelled.


My Name Is Mircea Inc.[]

Abridged Brothers[]

Former Projects[]

  • The Irate Mircea Show
  • The Spook's Apprentice: The Video Game

Guest Appearances[]

  • FullMetalAbridged
  • Megaman Starforce Abridged's Christmas Special

Other Works[]

Abridged Forum[]

DrMircow is a notable member of the AbridgedForums.com, a forum centralised for abridgers. However, he is currently on hiatus.

Abridging Guide[]

On 21st July 2011, DrMircow wrote his own guide to making an abridged series, entitled DrMircow's Guide To The Abridged World.[9][10] The guide was written in a Q&A format and first published on AbridgedForums.com.[11] Mainly targeted to newbie abridgers, it can be used by any experienced abridger too.

The guide is planned to be updated any time new questions are to be answered. Contributors are usually credited at the end of the guide; for example: Codeblackhayate, ThornBrain and Truthordeal were credited for helping out improving the guide.

"Rotten Abridged" Project[]

On 23rd October 2011, DrMircow first suggested the concept of a website where users can review abridged series from the Internet on AbridgedForums.com; codenamed Rotten Abridged. The concept is a copy of Rotten Tomatoes, but with main focus on abridging.[12]

The initial reaction from the community was mixed. However, the first prototype of the website was created a week later, with generally positive feedback from people. While the website only showcases a homepage, new features and pages will be made available in the near future.[13]

On 26th December 2011, the website was temporarily shut down for a long-term maintenance and to prevent any possible copyright infringements related to Rotten Tomatoes. Thus, a new title for the project is under development. In addition, a number of prototype medals were showcased on DrMircow's deviantART account. These medals are planned to be awarded to abridged series.[14][15]

There is no date for when the project will be finalised.

Voice Roles[]

Note: My Name Is Mircea Inc. projects are not included because he voices all the characters.

Batman: The Abridged Series[]

Batman Beyond: The Abridged Series[]

  • Old Bruce
  • Warren McGinnis
  • Mr. Powers' servant


  • Cray
  • Narrator
  • Various minor characters

Megaman Starforce Abridged's Christmas Special[]


DrMircow uses various software and hardware for his videos. These are as follows:



  • Unknown microphone


DrMircow's work is inspired by a few people and shows. What follows is a list of people/shows:


  • His favourite superhero is Spider-Man, followed by Batman.
  • His favourite cartoon show is The Simpsons, followed by South Park and Batman: The Animated Series.
  • He dislikes channels like MTV.
  • He hates overrated celebrities.
  • Loves rock music.
  • Addicted to Pringles.
  • He is credited by his real name in Abridged Brothers' videos, although he prefers to be called by his stage name.
  • He has a fictionalised character with the same name based on him in Batman: The Abridged Series.


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